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7 Fruit Based Candies To Make For Halloween Trick Or Treat

Halloween is all about the candy and chocolate. People want toffee apples, chocolates, gummy sweets, and more. What they don’t want are fruit and vegetables.

The problem for many parents is the unhealthy mixture of candy that children come home with. They have buckets full of all sorts that children just want to eat all in one go. After all, children don’t understand the bad that candy offers and only think of the tasty, sugary goodness.

While you want your children to eat healthily, you want them to have fun. It’s important that they feel like they fit in. You don’t want to end up with a child that has “those parents” or be the house that nobody turns up to because you’re known for boring, healthy treats.

So, it’s time to make your candies healthy but tastes for Halloween trick or treat this year. Here are seven fruit based candies that you’ll want to create.

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Apple Cider Doughnuts

Let’s start with the doughnuts. These tend to be popular Halloween treats. Rather than “bobbing for apples,” parents can tie sugar doughnuts to some string and get their kids to try to eat them without using hands. It’s fun, messy, and silly.

It’s also unhealthy when you consider the sugar and additives that go into doughnuts. Well, you can make your own instead. Nobody will realize that you’ve stepped away from the store and create your own unless you tell them. They will, however, want to know where you got them from!

You may be surprised at the idea of putting apple cider into your doughnuts. The cider helps to add a more acidity nature that creates extremely tender doughnuts.

These aren’t going to be your healthiest options of fruit-based candies on the list, but they are worth creating.

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