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5 Types of Crimes that Happen in South Florida

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Crime has always been a major issue in the United States, and South Florida is no exception. Whether it be drugs, assault, or fraud, there are plenty of crimes within this state. In this article, we will discuss five types of crimes that happen most often in south Florida based on statistics from a criminal defense attorney.


In the United States, burglary is defined as breaking into a building to commit a felony or theft. The annual crime rate for burglary in the United States is around $4000. Burglary rates are high because it can be very easy to break into a home or business, and thieves usually want valuable property.

In Florida specifically, the majority of burglaries happen during daytime hours when no one is home. Thieves will often check if anyone is at home by looking through windows before breaking inside. They will also take care not to leave evidence behind, such as fingerprints which could lead back to them later on down the road.


Theft is a very common crime that happens every day. This could be anything from shoplifting to stealing someone’s wallet and cellphone on the streets of Florida. There are many different reasons as to why someone would steal. Some people might be in desperate need of money or food, whereas others may just do it for the thrill of not getting caught by the police.

Florida is one of the worst states when it comes to theft because there are so many tourist attractions and big cities that attract lots of attention from thieves who want what they have without paying for it. The crime rate for thefts in Florida on average is around $1000 per year.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery are defined as the threat or action of violence to someone without making physical contact. This can be a very serious crime depending on how violent it has been, especially in Florida, where there are so many problems with gangs and drugs being sold illegally.

Most assaults happen during nighttime hours when people have had too much to drink at bars or parties. Some might even occur while walking down the street late at night because that person looked suspiciously like they were about to do something dangerous or illegal, such as sell drugs which could put them into danger if approached by police officers who assume they’re criminals.


Fraud is defined as the crime of using deceit to obtain money, property, or services from another person. This can come in many different forms, including identity theft and credit card fraud which are very common in Florida.

It’s not just large corporations that get hit with fraudulent crimes either; it could also happen to someone who has their wallet stolen by a thief while they’re out at a night on the town. There have even been cases where people posing as police officers over phone calls convincing them that there is some sort of problem with their bank accounts before taking all their money!

Identity Theft

Identity theft is defined as the crime of stealing someone’s personal information such as their social security number, credit card number, or even bank account to access it and make purchases without needing a physical form of that person’s money.

This type of fraud has been very common in Florida because so many people come here from other countries where they have had problems with identity theft and selling their identities for use by criminals within America. The crime rate for this type of fraud is around $4000 per year but can reach much higher depending on how often a person might give away their identity unknowingly.

South Florida is a great place to live, but it also has its drawbacks. Everyone in the area needs to be aware of these crimes and protect themselves from them. The crime rate for every type of criminal offense is much higher than the national average, which makes sense because Florida also has one of the highest populations in America.