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5 Things to Know About Luxury Watches

In the event that you are new to the world of luxury timepieces, you may be wondering what the most important things to know about luxury watches are. With hundreds of years of history, continuous revolution, endless styles, and reputable brands, learning the most important things to know about luxury chronograph watches can feel daunting.

We have curated an extensive rundown of 5 things to know about luxury watches so you can start feeling like a specialist horologist quickly.

5 things to know about luxury watches:

  1. The various sorts of watch movements
  2. Watch styles explained
  3. Seal of Geneva
  4. Watch complications
  5. How to take care of a luxury watch

1. The Different Types of Watch Movements

Also known as calibers, movements are the interior method that power watches. There are two sorts of watch movements:

Mechanical Movements: These are masterfully crafted movements that comprise of small and intricate components working seamlessly together. They require precise engineering from watchmakers and receive energy from an injury spring inside the movement.

Quartz Movement: Quartz watches are extremely accurate and require minimal maintenance. As they have not many mechanical parts and require far less labor than mechanical watches, quartz watches are cheaper than their mechanical partners.

2. Watch Styles Explained

There are many different luxury Lifestyle watch styles, underneath are probably the most popular:

Dress Watches: These stylish watches perfectly praise formal or business attire. Dress watches must be sufficiently slim to easily slip all through a shirt sleeve. These watches feature minimal designs as if to seamlessly mix into an outfit.

Diving Watch: These watches are specifically made to persevere through tough diving conditions and assist deep-sea divers. Diving watches are made with unrivaled water resistance and corrosion-resistant metals.

Sports Watch: These watches are perfect for runners, cyclists, mountain climbers and pretty much any adventure enthusiast. Sports watches are really versatile as they are great for a day at the office as well as tough activities.

3. Seal of Geneva

This official seal is awarded to watches that satisfy the exceptionally high guidelines of Genevan workmanship. The accolade guarantees that the watch will be remarkably reliable, accurate and comparable to a gem. The watch’s movement should also be made, cased and adjusted in the Canton of Geneva. Timepieces with this seal have it stamped on their movement and case.

4. Complications

A complication is any function that exists on a watch in addition to reading a clock. Watches with different complications are increasingly hard to create, as more components should be added to the movement. The most widely used complications include:

Date: The least difficult complication for the watch is the date. Watches can display the date, day of the week, or even feature a triple calendar which also includes the month.

Chronograph: This complication functions as a stopwatch where the wearer can measure intervals of time without affecting the watch’s main time. Contingent upon the watch, the chronograph can time seconds, minutes and hours. There are various kinds of chronographs, for example, the flyback chronograph which rapidly resets the timer function when wanted.

Power Reserve Indicator: This allows the wearer to perceive how a lot of energy is left in the watch’s mainspring before it should be wound. The maximum amount of reserved energy will rely upon the watch.

Moon Phase: This complication displays the present phase of the moon and indicates in the event that it is another, full, half or quarter moon. A few watches beautifully display the moon phase cycle with a gorgeous illustration of the moon as it finishes a cycle through its aperture.

World Time: This exceptionally intricate feature displays 24 time zones simultaneously. Watches with this complication contain a rotating inner bezel with a 24-hour display as well as an external bezel with the major cities in each time zone. The internal bezel makes a full revolution every day.

5. How to Take Care of a Luxury Watch

Luxury Lifestyle watches require proper care and maintenance to guarantee that they last for future generations. Regardless of how careful you are with your timepiece, its components can wear after some time from normal use and wear.

Our watch master, Tom Pozsgay, recommends that watches be serviced every 4 to 5 years.


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