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5 Signs You Need to See a Miami Optometrist


Your eyes need to be healthy and in the best shape possible. Many people do not take the health of their eyes seriously by visiting an optometrist regularly. This is unfortunate because a comprehensive eye diagnosis can be used to detect not only eye problems but also certain diseases and conditions that can have a significant impact on individual health. Visiting your optometrist once every two years can help to improve the condition of your overall health. Here are 5 signs you need to see a Miami optometrist.

  1. Your family has a history of certain eye conditions

This is a major one because heredity is a risk factor for eye diseases and conditions. If a member of your family has glaucoma, for instance, you should visit an eye doctor regularly for eye check-ups. You can visit https://topeyedoctorsnearme.com/florida/optometrist-miami-fl to find a reliable optometrist near you and schedule your check-up. If you visit early enough, you can help to detect underlying eye conditions and also give your optometrist a chance to treat or prevent the disease from progressing.

  1. You have to squint to see clearly

If you find yourself struggling to see to a point where you have to squint often to see near or distant objects clearly, you need to visit an optometrist to help determine whether you have a refractive error. Squinting may also be accompanied by other signs and symptoms that may include eye fatigue, nausea, and headache. An optometrist may suggest that you wear prescription eyeglasses.

  1. Sudden loss of eyesight

If you experience a sudden loss of vision in either or both eyes, you may be having an emergency and you should seek immediate medical attention. Stroke or other serious medical issues can exhibit similar symptoms. Other signs associated with a sudden loss of vision may include blurred vision, tunnel vision, double vision, or blind spots. If you experience any of the signs mentioned above, you may be experiencing retinal attachment/closed-angle glaucoma, which is characterized by an abnormal elevation of pressure inside the eye.

  1. Flashes of light

Flashing of light in one or several spots across the field of vision can indicate a serious eye problem and you should give your eye doctor a call to schedule a visit. Tearing or detachment of the retina is often characterized by flashes of light. If you respond quickly and get help in time, your doctor can be able to repair your retina and restore your vision. However, note that not all light flashes are signs of eye problems, as some are caused by ocular migraines. Regardless, your optometrist is in the best position to determine the problem you have and recommend the best possible treatment. If you have an ocular migraine instead, you will be given appropriate medication.

  1. Itchy or burning eyes

If your eyes itch a lot, it may be a sign of an underlying eye problem. The best way to find out is to visit your eye doctor, as itchy eyes can also indicate eye allergies. Your eyes have a mechanism to release substances to respond to the allergies, resulting in itching. Mild eye allergies can be treated by reducing your exposure to allergens or using artificial tears. For severe eye allergies, your eye doctor may prescribe certain eye drops or specialized medications. Itchiness can also be caused by conjunctivitis or pink eye.

There are many signs you need to see a Miami optometrist. Regardless, make it a habit to visit an optometrist once every two years for the best eye health. Also, if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is recommended that you take immediate action by visiting your eye doctor to determine the cause of the problem.