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5 Signs You Have a Termite Infestation in Your Home


If your home is made of timber products, you should think twice before assuming you’re not home to termites. It doesn’t even have to be the whole house. Doors, windows, furnishings and furniture are all woodwork products that termites love, and it’s possible that an infestation could be growing without any warning signs.

There are many reasons they choose to infest a home and leave another. Many times, it has to do with the type of timber used. The majority of cheap wood out there is low quality and is not treated for pests and insects, which makes it prone to infestations. And there’s no way to know whether your home is termite-proof unless you check.

So, when you decide to muster up some courage and investigate your home for termites, here are five warning signs to watch out for.

Mud Tubes

Mud tube is the most recognizable sign that your home needs a green home-pest.com fumigation. You will see the mud tubes along the walls from the ground. If you see them, it means the nest is near.

The mud tubes may also appear on large, woody trees in your garden. They attack anything woody, including cabinets, wooden furniture, and even picture frames. It doesn’t matter where you are; they will find a way there, even on high-rise buildings. Forget about breaking them or cleaning the dirt; it won’t get rid of them. So if you see a mud tube, find a professional right away.

Signs of Wood Damage

When it comes to wood damage, two insects are the main culprits; termites and a specific beetle species. The beetles lay their eggs on the wood surface and sometimes under the wood. The larva bores into the lumber for an extended period, which may take several years. The result is a tunnel.

It’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to termites. They eat the timber away and result in small and external holes. The holes are small, and the wood dust is coarse and heavier than the fine dust produced by the beetles.

The point is –if you see a small hole in wooden structures, chances are, the inside is hollow, and they have eaten the timber away.

Stuck Doors and Windows

Most windows, doors, and frames are made of timber, making them an easy mark. They access these building parts below and outside your home. If you start noticing your door or windows getting stuck, it’s a sign the wood is expanding, which is perfectly normal –unless termites are involved. Better check the frames and doors carefully for signs of small holes, hollowness, mud tubing, or lumber dust.


Like any other organism, termites have different species and subspecies, all with different preferences. Some live and build in wood, while others live underground. These are the kinds you see on TV with structures rising from the ground.

If you happen to see such a structure on your home or property, there’s a vast network of underground tunnels. By now, you should have the experts on speed dial.

Termite swarms

The swarms love a warm and humid evening, especially in the late monsoon. Any sign of a swarm indicates a nearby colony or a soon-to-be-formed colony. Each large winged termite you see is eligible to become the new queen, so it’s time to destroy the kingdom before they destroy yours.

You cannot bug-spray them away and forget about traditional means of fumigating them.The best thing to do is call an expert for help as soon as you spot any of these warning signs.