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5 Reasons Cloud Security Is Crucial for Businesses


Did you know that 817 cases of data compromises were reported in the US in H1 2022? So, it’s high time to fortify your data by opting for powerful cloud security. As technology evolves with time, companies are storing and sharing bulk data digitally for better security and work efficiency.

Allixo is a leading managed IT security cloud services provider in Washington, Bellingham and Seattle. They excel in scanning vulnerabilities, detecting intrusions, and providing anti-viral solutions. They use different tools to offer protection against cyberattacks and minimize the IT workload of businesses. Therefore, you can get more time to work on business strategies and growth while outsourcing the techy tasks to these experts.

They are Trusted for their Offerings of:

  • Properly managed security system: Top-notch software and technology are combined with 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your system is always secure.
  • Customized services: Allixo offers tailored solutions to detect and address different security concerns.
  • Unmatched initiatives: The service providers go to great lengths to protect your data from fraudulent access and provide a safe cloud system.
  • Best compliance governance: The experts ensure to comply with laws and regulations by strictly following stipulated management controls and policies.

Want to know the exact reasons why your business needs cloud security? 

Prevent Security Breaches

Compromised data security can affect your business’s growth and financial health. When you use a public cloud and give a third-party access to it, there are higher risks of security breaches. Therefore, you need professionally managed cyber security services to share data with peace of mind.

Manage Remote Work Better

It’s projected that 25% of all jobs in North America will go remote by the end of 2022. Cloud storage can help your remote employees access data from around the world. However, if they ever fail to stick to the standards recommended for using the public internet, your data can become vulnerable to phishing and malware. Robust cloud security solutions can prevent these incidents as well.

Ensure Disaster Recovery

Any natural disaster like a fire or a flood can negatively impact your business anytime. This can especially cause your data to be compromised if not secured properly and lead to huge losses. However, managed IT security services go a step further in fortifying your data in advance.

Comply with Regulations

Protection standards like GDPR and HIPPA are put together to ensure the protection of businesses choosing cloud security and help maintain their integrity. Your company must comply with them to function legally. Cloud security and management providers can also help you with this.

Prevent Data Leaks

Many companies that use cloud storage, end up leaking important data. This affects their integrity, prospects, and image in the market. However, managed cloud security services restrict access to a company’s data to only those who actually need it. This helps prevent data leaks by enforcing access controls.

Now that you understand the significance of cloud security, opt for it to protect your business and make the most of cloud storage without risks of data compromise.



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