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5 Must-Do Tips to Get the Best Moving Quote


Your new journey is going to start, and you are ready to move. The time has come to get moving quotes from a moving company.

Oops! You are confused about how to get the best moving quotes? It can be tricky getting quotes for anything. It’s more challenging because it’s a huge decision, and your money is at stake. Moreover, moving scams are not uncommon these days.

Here are five tips that will help you get the best moving quote.

Kill Unexpected Costs 

There are high chances that the given quote by the company is not accurate. Is the company cheating you? Absolutely not. It’s this way because different moving companies have different tiers of service in their estimate.

The estimate given by the moving company is just an estimation. Therefore, you must make a list of things you need that are not in the quote. After making this list, please send it to the moving company and ask for the final quote. It’s also better if you finalize the quote either in person or on a video call.

The moving company estimator can check the number of items, their weight, and the boxes required to move. This way, the moving company’s employee can give you an exact estimation of the moving costs.

If you do finalize the quote in person, you will get the most accurate quote.

Negotiate Like A PRO

It does not feel good to negotiate, but it’s essential. If you don’t negotiate, the moving company prices may disturb your budget. You must get moving quotes from 3-10 companies. First, look at which company is providing the best move for moving to your desired location.

Now the time has come to start negotiating. After finding the best company, tell them, “The other three companies, namely (so and so) are charging less than you”. The probability is high that you may get a discount. You must negotiate. It’s your right but never exceed the limits.

Get Insurance for Upcoming Damage

There are usually two types of insurance to protect your belongings- Full Value Protection, Released Value Protection. We recommend you include complete value protection and not Separate Liability Coverage insurance in your quote. It’s expensive but worth it. In Separate Liability Coverage, if your iMac is damaged, the compensation will be $7.5 (60 cents * 12.5). Wow! What a massive sum for your iMac!

Keep Law on Your Side

Please make sure that your agreement is a binding one. If it’s not, then the moving company is in no way bound to keep the agreement. It simply means that there is no penalty imposed on moving companies for breaking the agreement. You must also go through the agreement multiple times.

Many people don’t check payment requirements on the agreement. The result is trouble and headache afterward. You must check to look for payment timings and acceptable methods. For example, while most companies accept credit cards, some may require cash and cheques. You must also check whether an initial deposit is required or not.

Double Check the Company

When you finalize a moving company, double-check its credentials. These days moving scams are becoming more and more common. Therefore, this step becomes more important. We will recommend that you move with actual movers and not brokers.

You can also research about the company on the internet. For example,

Check out their BBB Entry.

Check out their website.

Check out their USDOT.

Check out recent customer reviews.

Are They a Member of AMSA?

In short, do every kind of research using every place you can. This step will ensure that you are not scammed. This research will also help you give an idea about the company. For example, the working of the moving company and what to expect from the company.

If you hire a good moving company with an excellent moving quote, the process becomes a lot easier.

Our last piece of advice to you is “Go for value”. We observe many people going with a cheap moving company. The result is that most of them suffer in the long run. Therefore, don’t fall into this trap and get a good moving company.

Best of luck. May you get the best quote!