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5 Most Common Car Accidents in South Florida


No one wants to get in an accident. But it can happen to anyone, anywhere. We all try to be as careful as possible during our day to day lives but you always have to be careful of what’s around the corner. 

Here are some of the most common car accidents in South Florida to help you stay more alert and try your best to avoid.

Hit and Run

Can you imagine if you were hit by a car and then it speeds off into the distance? We can’t even imagine the guilty conscience they would have. If you experience this type of accident, you need to try to get a good look at the vehicle and, if possible, the license plate. See this helpful information to find out more.

These accidents are common in South Florida and we want them to decrease. If you are ever the driver involved in one of these, you need to stop and take responsibility for your actions. The consequences will be much worse if you decide to flee the scene.

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Rear-End Collision

Now, we’ve all had that someone driving a little too closely behind us. Or perhaps you are even guilty of doing this on the odd occasion. Well, be careful! This is the most common accident of the lot and someone bumping the back of your car may cause more damage than you would think. 

Your car may get a scratch or dent, but even worse, you could sustain whiplash or some nasty injuries. To avoid these crashes, make sure you keep a safe distance between you and the car in front.


Sometimes you, or someone you know,  may be guilty of going slightly too fast, which is illegal to begin with. Now, imagine turning a tight bend when driving over the speed limit. That is a recipe for disaster and car rollovers is the next on our list. These can often cause catastrophic consequences and life-changing injuries. So, the next time you’re a little late for a meeting, make sure you think about the consequences before trying to get there on time.

Side-Impact Collision

If you are a victim of this next type of accident, then you will know they are completely unexpected. You may be waiting at the lights at an intersection, see green, and set off only to be hit full force from the side. 

This accident generally occurs when someone runs a red light. So please be aware and put yours and others safety first before even thinking about risking it. This can cause disastrous results and you don’t want to be to blame.

Head-On Collision

This is by far the most dangerous kind of accident and can often have fatal consequences. It is usually the result of someone going too fast. You might collide with another car or even a lamppost! We don’t want that for anyone.

If you think you may be guilty of sometimes pushing the limit even slightly, make sure you abide by the rules from now on. You don’t want your next car journey to be your last!


When you’re driving, make sure you take care of yourself and others. Let’s work together to make South Florida an accident-free zone. Don’t rush when late and always check your surroundings. Make sure you have insurance as this can cause even bigger problems if you don’t have it. Drive safely!

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