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5 Essentials Every Driver Should Have


Many people believe that when buying a car the only purchase they need to make is the vehicle itself. However, this is far from the truth. After one buys a car, there is still a list of essential items that should be considered in order to drive safely. With so many car accessory options available how do you know which are necessary and which ones are just a waste of money?

First Aid Kit

While it isn’t required by law, a first aid kit in your car it could potentially save your life. You never know what may happen on the road. Very often, while hearing the news about different car crashes, we tend to think that it will never happen to us, but that’s what everyone thinks and the statistics show otherwise.

At the moments of a car accident, every minute is valuable. Unfortunately, very often, an ambulance arrives too late while a person loses too much blood. Having a first aid kit, and knowing how to use it may prevent this from happening. Therefore, it’s always better to prevent than to cure. Don’t put your life and health at stake by neglecting this fact

Tire Repair Kit

Many accidents happen due to under or overinflated tires. Therefore, every driver should aim to maintain the proper condition of the wheels of their vehicle. First, one should get the best tire pressure gauge always to know what the pressure in their tires is. Some gauges send a signal to a driver when the tire is deflating. It is very useful and boosts one’s safety on the road.

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Once the tire is deflated, a driver should have a pump to inflate it again. Many people neglect to get a pump and don’t take it into a car, but it’s always better not to risk it when it comes to vehicles.

What one also should include in their tire repair kit is a spare tire. Very often, a wheel gets punctured and cannot be inflated. In this case, having a spare tire is a must.

Fire Extinguisher

Many experts recommend getting a small fire extinguisher that will work on flammable fluids such as gasoline and oil as well as electrical fires. Keeping it in your vehicle can help prevent a small fire from becoming unmanageable. Be sure the fire extinguisher is for Class B and Class C fires and keep it strapped down in the trunk of your vehicle when not in use. You can also velcro the extinguisher to the car’s console or inside of the front door for quick accessibility.

Tool Kit

Remember that your car is a machine. And machines exhibit the tendency to break down at the most unexpected moments. Always have in your arsenal a tool kit with all the instruments that can come in handy. Remember to put a screwdriver, hammer, wrench, and pliers into it, in order to be able to use them when needed.

You never know when a tool kit will come in useful on the road. But it’s always better to have it than not to have it when it’s needed. Cars can be unpredictable, and you should always take this fact into consideration.

Cell Phone Charger

In this technological age, a person without their cell phone is helpless. Very often, especially during long trips, the phone’s battery discharges at the most inappropriate moment. Not everyone has a cell phone charger for cars in their vehicle. Strangely enough, in the twenty-first century, a phone charger in a car is as important as a tire pressure gauge or a tools kit.

Remember to take all the necessary items before traveling by car. Don’t put your comfort and health at stake or your passengers, and be a responsible driver.