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5 Digital Marketing Trends To Get Ahead Of In 2022


As we enter another year, it’s time to look at how the digital landscape is changing, both for consumers and marketers. The last two years have brought us new technologies and changes in consumer behavior. Marketers need to be mindful of if they want to stay ahead of the curve in their quest for relevance.

Use all that is at your disposal to make your business activities a success and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Here are five digital marketing trends that will be important in 2022.

Create Interactive Content

Content has always been king, and no one denies its power. But with our increasingly distracted lives, we’re finding ourselves hanging onto one thing after another on our digital devices. In a world of constantly changing technology and user behavior, it’s becoming more important than ever to develop powerful interactive experiences that allow us to engage with a branded website or article for longer than a few seconds.

Exploring Personalized Search

From Google’s Hummingbird to Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm updates, we’ve been seeing a growing push towards personalization in search and social. The idea behind these changes is to tailor the results we get to our unique preferences and behaviors. Consumers are getting better and better at filtering out irrelevant content, so it only makes sense that marketers start paying more attention to personalizing their communications with consumers.

Social Media Stories

Social media has changed the way consumers interact with brands, and we’re starting to see that impact companies’ overall marketing strategies. Social stories, which allow users to share a text-based narrative about their experiences on social networks, allow marketers to engage with customers and spark new conversations as part of their social media marketing strategy. Learning how to craft engaging narratives for social will become an essential skill for brands in the coming years.

Create Videos

Videos are a great way to get your message across and let customers see what you have to offer visually. This can be particularly powerful for product launches and other retail-oriented marketing strategies. In terms of video, the most important thing is to keep it simple; get your message across quickly and concisely. You’ll be far ahead of the pack if you can do that.

Mobile-First Marketing 

At this point, it’s not even debatable – mobile is king. The more time we spend on our phones and tablets, the more critical it becomes for marketers to have a mobile-optimized website. Additionally, intelligent brands will get into the habit of thinking about their products and services regarding how consumers will interact with them on their mobile devices. This includes everything from benefits to messaging.

Looking ahead to 2022, we’ll likely see even more changes take place in mobile technology and the way we interact with brands both online and off. Marketers must stay on top of these trends since they give you an edge in the competitive marketplace. However, it’s essential to take a step back and assess your marketing strategies in terms of your relevance in this highly-evolving digital ecosystem.

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