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5 Best Free Video Conferencing Tools for Remote Workers and Freelancers


With the revolution in technology, our working patterns have changed deeply. From manual paperwork to digital transformation, everything has changed compared to the early 80s and 90s. Big and small enterprises are leaping forward to leverage the latest technology and benefit from it.

Companies are not only investing heavily in IT infrastructure but also looking forward to cutting the cost. For instance, most of the small and medium enterprises allow workers to work from home and save time and money on commuting and other petty expenses.

Managing your day-to-day tasks online requires a high-speed connection. Be it for sending emails, video conferencing, or managing a website, you need to check your area by entering the zip Code.

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Here’s a list of some of the best tools you can use for web conferencing.


Zoom has been quite popular among remote workers and freelancers. Especially during the days of pandemic and lockdown, most of the companies took advantage of video conferencing tools like Zoom and had a seamless interaction with clients, employees, and other stakeholders.

Zoom was largely used for big conferences so that people could maintain social distance and take part in the conversation. Some of the best features of Zoom include screen-sharing, one on one group meetings, scheduling meetings, private and group chat, and so much more. Zoom is also great for educational institutions to teach students online.


Video conferences are the new way to meet clients and bosses without being physically present. How blessed we are – but that could not have been possible without tools like UberConference. The free version of this tool is best for a team of ten people or less. However, the free version allows you to hold a video conference for 45 minutes. If your boss or client takes too long to conclude the meeting, you could recommend UberConference for future use. Some of the top features include HD audio, adding ten participants simultaneously, call recording, mobile app and unlimited conferences.


When it comes to free video conferencing tools, Skype tops the list. Business people and remote workers not only use Skype as a video conference tool but also used by common people to talk to their loved ones sitting far away. The tool allows you to manage video calls on a limited scale for less than 10 members.

The tool has a mobile and desktop version to facilitate users without bragging about it. Most of the teachers also incorporate Skype to hold sessions with their students and help them during exams and other activities. Some of the notable features of Skype include interactive video chats, 10 people video calls, location and screen sharing, HD video calling, and many more.

Lifesize Go

Lifesize Go is not a very popular video conferencing tool but is still used by many for a set of features that facilitates freelancers and remote workers. Especially if you want to host a meeting of limited people, Lifesize Go is going to fulfill your needs. It also offers plans for bigger teams, for which you need to pay. But in our opinion, it is best for a group of freelancers and remote workers to have less than 10 people in their circle. Some of the notable features of Lifesize Go include screen sharing, 8 participants inclusion, and no restriction on meeting time.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the best free video conferencing tool popular amongst food vloggers, influencers, and brand ambassadors. Facebook Live is also helpful for businesses, freelancers, remote workers, and online teachers to conduct sessions without any disruption.

The best part of it is that people can chat and comment on live videos and you can select a custom audience to view your video. Moreover, Facebook Live also allows you to schedule ahead. Some of the best features of Facebook Live include four hours of straight broadcasting, customer audience, and scheduling.

Slack Video Calls

If you are using Slack in your office, you can also use its call feature to hold conferences with your employees and clients. For asking quick and open-ended questions, Slack is a great tool to have on your device. You can also send a message to up to 15 people and start a call from a channel.

Some of the notable features of Slack Video Calls include messenger, group calls of up to 15 people and individual calls.