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4 Topics to Bring up With College Students


During their college years, young people define many aspects of their personality and values. They learn to be responsible adults. It is a critical step many of us take to get ready for the real world. And as a college professor or a parent, it is your duty to help them understand right from wrong and develop their behavior.

Before our kids go off to college, it is a good idea to talk to them about some of the issues they may face while there. Here are four topics that you should touch on when you talk with college students and why they are so important!

College students have the curiosity to learn and develop a good life.  So, make sure to incorporate these topics during your conversations, and you may make a big difference for the next generation of adults!

Drinking Problems

Statistics show that one in five young adults has or has had a drinking problem at some point in their life. And most of these young adults are indulging in binge drinking in order to relax or have a great night out with their friends. Either way, they should understand the implications of such behavior.

If you tell them about the dangers and the risks that drinking brings to their life, you will open their mind to more questions. This should help them think twice before they order that second bottle of wine or that extra cocktail when they go out next time.

Sexual Education

During college years, sex is not going to be a surprise for most. Even if sex education begins in some states as early as the 6th grade, there are still aspects regarding the safety of a healthy sex life that college students should be reminded of.

Talk to them about the sexually transmitted diseases and how they can avoid them. Also, remind them to be safe and avoid unplanned pregnancy. Even though uncomfortable, these conversations can help them make more responsible decisions regarding their sex life.

Choosing the Right Career Path

Another very important dilemma that many young students face is what career they are going to follow. While some of them will know the answer since high school, others might find themselves a bit lost in this overwhelming world of possibilities.

It is hard, but giving them direction and the courage to follow their dreams is essential at this age. Have a thorough conversation with them and help them identify what they are good at. This should light up a professional path ahead.

Taking Care of Their Health

When we are young, we don’t know what to do to make sure our health is at its best. As a matter of fact, many of us don’t even make health a priority. Youth brings resistance and a feeling of invincibility, which is why college students usually neglect this topic.

Talk to them about how they should have a balanced diet, work out regularly, and check their health state at least once a year. Education in this aspect is essential for future good habits.