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3 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing an Engagement Ring


Your wedding is a special moment that will stay with you for life, and it starts with the engagement ring. Therefore, making sure you choose the correct one is essential, as it’ll represent your special moment. There are various styles, brands, and sizes that offer a multitude of options, which can make this process difficult. Keep reading to learn how to find the perfect ring for you and your partner.

Custom-Made Options

A great way to ensure you get the proper design is working with a brand such as Diamonds on Richmond, which allows you to work with them to create a custom ring. Companies that offer this process utilize 3D design software to create a ring that matches your exact vision.

Another reason for going with a custom design is if there’s a pre-existing ring that you like besides a minor feature. A small change can modify the entire feel of the jewelry, and any appealing attributes can be fixed to match what you desire. Some companies will allow you to make minor modifications without an additional fee.

If going the route of designing your ring, it’s essential to have a clear idea of what features/designs you or your partner like.

Shape and Style

There are a variety of shapes and styles to choose from. Knowing your partner’s preferred style can be extremely helpful when narrowing down your options. Even with just the style, there are a lot of designs to choose from, so the more specific you get, the less you’ll have to search through.

Some people prefer unique, unconventional designs to grab attention, which can be pricier and harder to find. Thankfully, you have the internet’s breadth of choice, and you can also contact retailers and find out if they can help you with unique requests. Going with one of these choices allows you to significantly limit your options and find a design that distinctively matches your taste.

Though there are also a couple of classic shapes which can give a general sense of what styles speak to you. There may be ways to search through rings in these classic designs so you can explore options you know already better suit your taste.

Brands and Collections

With the mass production of rings, many brands have appeared that cater to both larger and smaller budgets. Walking into a big-name store will likely garner higher prices than your typical mall jewelry store or even specialist online retailers. Knowing your price range can limit what brands or store locations you look at.

Additionally, it can be helpful to know which brands have designs you or your partner like best. If you have an attachment to a brand, it can be a reliable starting point in your search for the perfect ring. Brand names can also increase the ring’s value, especially if linked to a collection.

Collections are often limited, so the designs can increase in value over time. This can add exclusivity and make the jewelry stand out more, though collections are restricted to what is available at the time of your engagement. Another benefit of choosing a unique ring from a collection or top brand is that you may use it as an heirloom and pass it down to your descendants. Top-quality rings stand the test of time: as they say, diamonds are forever.

Ultimately, everyone has their own tastes. Even if you narrow it down to a specific design, ones that utilize something different might still appeal to you. Exposing yourself to the different options is the best way to have better odds of finding the engagement ring that works best.