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3 of the Top Tech Startups Making it Big in Florida


In the state of Florida, tens of thousands of brand new and exciting businesses are being established every year. Countless jobs are being created and many aspiring entrepreneurs are able to establish their first business thanks to the welcoming environment established by the state. 

As the state is open to so many different types of businesses, Florida is home to a good number of industries that are adding to the overall economic growth. One industry that is relatively new and is growing at an impressive rate is the Information Technology Industry. Entrepreneurs who are focussing their efforts on tech are delivering exciting products and services to the state of Florida. 

Significant efforts are being made by a range of businesses in Florida who want to make it big in the tech industry. This article will explore some of the heavy hitters who are delivering innovative tech products that are advancing the state forward in a new and exciting direction. 

What Is The IT Industry?

The IT industry comprises companies that are producing software, hardware, or any company that is providing internet-based services such as website building and more. This industry also extends to those who deal with repairing technological equipment and setting up devices for individuals or businesses. 

Clearly, the IT industry caters to a large list of different types of businesses, which is why it is so vast and popular in Florida. Many different unique ideas can be developed within this industry, there is more freedom for entrepreneurs to explore various aspects. 

This industry is now more relevant than ever, especially as the digital age advances and more businesses are relying on the internet and technological devices. Technology will always be prevalent in our lives, making this industry ever-lasting and open to many new and exciting developments. In Florida, there are a number of interesting tech startups that have truly showcased the power of the IT Industry. 

Vertical Bridge Holdings 

This startup was founded in 2014 and managed to gain rapid growth and success by providing and managing wireless communication infrastructures. Since 2014, they have managed to set up wireless and broadcast towers, rooftops, land parcels, billboards, and more. This startup has developed significantly since its inception, and there seems to be no end to its rapid growth. 

Vertical Bridge Holdings welcomes change and adaptation, understanding that as technology changes, they too need to change to fit the current times, which is why they have still been operating at such a good rate to this day.


As the online space advances, many consumers are doing business digitally through online shops. E-commerce is the way forward, and ShipMonk saw this gap in 2015 and decided to develop something that would fulfill and revolutionize the world of E-commerce and deliveries.  

ShipMonk provides an online service that manages deliveries and inventory of businesses. A business creates an interesting product and then ships it from its supplier to ShipMonk. They then use an intelligent algorithm to organize all of the products and to decide on the best shipping method based on quality and price. E-commerce and delivering products are made easy and less stressful with this software company. 

REEF Technology 

REEF seeks to help a variety of different types of businesses evolve and grow through various location networks and communities. By joining their network, businesses can use RREF to test new markets, reach a whole new list of customers and generate more profit through sales. 

Business expansion methods are taken to a whole new level with REEF, as they utilize technology and the power of an online community to drive growth. What began as a tech startup in Florida is now a fully-fledged business helping others grow their income amount.

These three tech startups have managed to find great success in the state of Florida, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to grow their company, especially through the use of limited liability companies (LLCs) which provide countless benefits to small business owners. 

By viewing this suggested website, entrepreneurs can learn more about LLCs in Florida and what some of the best-registered agents are in the state so that an inventive new tech startup follows all of the legal guidelines which will aid in the overall development process. 


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