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3 Events That Could Use a Motivational Speaker


Motivational speakers can be a wonderful resource for a variety of organizations that want to inspire a group of people to do something. Businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, colleges and universities, and so many more kinds of groups all work toward achieving certain goals throughout the year. The challenge can often be keeping everyone engaged and moving toward those goals over time.

Sometimes, if organization leaders want to get across certain ideas to their staff, they need a little outside help, and motivational speakers fit in perfectly here. Whether it’s for self-esteem, determination, or professional growth and development, motivational speakers such as William Hung can talk about making all the right moves.

So, what kinds of events could use motivational speakers? Here are three to get your mind thinking.


Business conventions of one sort or another are the perfect settings for motivational speakers because these are events where many people of the same industry or thinking gather together for a common purpose. Even if the convention is for something such as technology or product displays, motivational speakers can have their place.

They can talk about why everyone is gathered here, what these new inventions can do for humanity, and how it is the mission of every company in the room to keep advancing toward greatness for their customers and the world.

Company Seminars

If you run a fairly large organization and you’re holding training seminars or other kinds of group gatherings, a motivational speaker would be perfect to appear at these kinds of events.

It can be difficult to keep employees motivated throughout a given year or to instill in them the wider company mission. However, being motivated toward achieving the company’s goals is vital to employees’ performances at work, in many cases.

If the motivational speaker knows the company and understands what is expected, he or she can go a long way toward inspiring the company’s staff to keep going through hardships.

Recruiting Events

Recruiting events are also perfect settings for motivational speakers. These are places where employers and would-be employees come together to see if they can find any good matches.

It can be a trying time for all those in attendance who are looking for work. They want to make an impression on potential employers while not seeming nervous or lacking confidence.

If this recruiting fair is a multi-day event with various stages or speakers, take this chance to hire a motivational speaker to be one of those special guests. They can talk about starting out on a new journey and all the good things that can come along with that. Maybe some inspiration is all it takes to help a job seeker over the edge and talk to employers!

Motivational speakers are just perfect for all three of these types of events, and if you’re thinking of hiring one, your experience will surely be one to remember.


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