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3 Essential Gardening Rules To Live By In South Florida

While most people flock to South Florida for the beaches, plenty of tourists also visit this part of the state for its lush and opulent gardens. In fact, some are the homes of the most exotic plant varieties from different parts of the world. The state’s wealthy residents hired some of the top landscape architects in the US, like Raymond Jungles and Hoichi Kurisu, to design the popular gardens in the area.

But you do not need a renowned architect to create a thriving backyard garden in your property. You just have to keep in mind all the important rules in planting a garden in South Florida like the guidelines in proper tree pruning.

Here are other ways to maintain a beautiful garden in Florida.

Know The Best Time To Plant 

The success in growing a garden in this part of The Sunshine State relies on the perfect timing. While the rest of the country experiences four seasons (winter, summer, spring, fall), Florida’s subtropical climate only has two: dry or winter season and wet or summer season. If you are planning to start a vegetable garden in this part of the state, then you need to plant during the summer.

The warm and humid conditions topped with periodic showers and thunderstorms are perfect for vegetable crops. During the winter months, you can opt to include pops of color in your garden by planting annuals and ornamental plants.

Learn All The State Rules In Trimming Or Pruning Trees

Florida already follows the latest state legislature stating that local municipalities can no longer prevent citizens from removing trees in their private properties. But the city of Miami must still ask for significant approval before they can cut down trees. Based on the current Miami law, residents must provide proof that a particular tree poses risks to their lives before giving you a permit to cut your tree.

If not, you will need to pay numerous surveys and spend on mitigation practices to take it down. However, you are still allowed to trim your trees as needed at any time of the year to prevent it from overgrowing and give it a good shape.

Consider The Environment Factors When Landscaping

Most communities in the state follow certain restrictions regarding their gardens. One of which is the proper timing and procedure of landscaping and watering your lawn. Based on the local authorities, residents must refrain from watering in the middle of the day because the water may easily dry up easily because of evaporation.

In general, you must consider watering your garden during the early hours of the morning or just before dusk to keep the water in the soils. You must also closely monitor your lawn and determine if it already needs to get watered when you can begin folding the grass blades in half or when your footprints stay on the lawn.

These are several gardening tips that you must do to help you grow your garden easily. These comply with the regulations set by the local governments around the state.