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The 2017 Florida Stone Crab Season Opens Sunday

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Fall is in the air, and while most people across the country begin celebrating harvest, placing pumpkins on porches and admiring the fall foliage, Floridians celebrate the season in a completely different way.

It’s called Stone Crab Season.

Florida’s Stone Crab season kicks off October 15th to a fanfare of seafood fanaticism by all who treasure this special delicacy.

So, what is stone crab?

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Stone crab is considered to be one of the most scrumptious crustaceans found anywhere. Unlike the blue crab or king crab, the stone crab has a round body with rounded claws. It crawls on the sea bottom but does not swim. Its white fleshy meat is similar to the Florida lobster – but with a distinctively rich taste making it one of the most popular dishes in the state.

Harvested from October 15 through May 15, the opening season is reason to celebrate as we call friends who have stone crab traps, or line up at local seafood restaurants for opening day, or place advance orders at our favorite seafood market.

Found in the waters and bays of the Gulf of Mexico, stone crabs are caught in crab traps. Commercial fishermen set traps clustered in areas where the crabs congregate. They generally check the traps every few days, delivering fresh stone crab directly to local markets and restaurants. Many fishermen cook the crabs on the boats, ensuring it is freshly delivered to the local restaurants.


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