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146 Billion Cups Of Coffee Are Consumed In The United States Each Year!

While we regularly celebrate the work of emergency services personnel, we don’t tend to spend as much time thinking about the hard work of baristas! Many people, however, rely on their baristas to make their morning cup of coffee, setting the tone for the rest of the day. Without their morning cup of Joe, they’re in trouble.

  • In 1938, the first record of the use of the word “barista” was made. From the Italian language, the word is technically used for a bartender of any gender.
  • In America, the word barista is used just in relation to coffee.
  • Coffee baristas know a lot about coffee; its origins, flavor profile and various types.
  • Making coffee is a science.  Becoming a barista isn’t as simple as throwing on an apron and turning on the coffee machine. It requires a special technique. From the way the coffee beans are ground, the angle at which the steam wand is kept to ensure that the milk is frothed correctly and so much more.
  • Some coffee shops provide training to new baristas, not just to understand the coffee machine and how to troubleshoot usual issues. But also to understand how coffee beans are made and specifically how the in-house coffee brand is blended and what makes it unique.
  • They are coffee snobs. Not only do coffee baristas have an extensive knowledge about coffee, they have also developed a palette for good quality coffee brews. The only disadvantage of this is that their coffee recommendations may be slightly too sophisticated for an inexperienced coffee drinker.
  • Coffee beans aren’t actually beans. They are a pit of a coffee fruit.
  • Coffee waste can become a new car fuel. Specifically, it could be extracted oil from and turn into Biodiesel according to Shell.
  • The webcam is invented because of coffee. At the Cambridge University in England their scientist run on daily coffee. To make sure the coffeepot didn’t run out they invented the webcam to keep an eye out on the coffee levels not getting low.
  • Coffee is the second most traded product in the world. Just after another source of fuel petroleum.
  • In Turkey, there use to be a law that stated if a husband can’t provide his wife with enough coffee, she can get a divorce.
  • The most expensive coffee is Black Ivory coffee, with an average price of $ 1800 USD per kilogram. The coffee is produced from the partially digested feces of a South-East Asian elephant.
  • Drinking coffee is more healthy than harmful. Although often thought the other way around. Read more
  • There are many school training programs across Canada and the United States such as the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy and the Seattle Barista Academy. 
  • Training programs teach students the basics of grinding coffee and steaming milk, as well as how to properly operate professional equipment.
  • In the United Stated baristas are able to become certified through The Barista Guild of America, a trade association under the umbrella of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.
  • The countries that drink the most coffee are the northern countries such as Finland, Norway and Iceland!
  • Latte Art isn’t merely decorative: if the drawing stays fixed in the milk, it means that the foam and coffee are perfectly made. It’s proof of quality!
  • The first espresso machine was actually created by a French man: Louis Bernard Rabaud. Italians have only improved the machine and marketed it!
  • Coffee Houses Date Back to the 1500s.  People consumed coffee at home and in the numerous public coffee shops, known as qahveh khaneh, that began to sprout up in cities around the Near East. The coffee houses were unrivaled in popularity, and people regularly visited them for various social activities.
  • Approximately 146 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the United States each year, according to Coffee-Statistics.com.
  • The average person in the United States consumes 3.1 cups of coffee daily.
  • Every day, roughly 400 million cups of coffee go into the stomachs of Americans.
  • According to Reuters, every day, 64 percent of adults in the United States drink coffee.
  • Sixty-six percent of women, compared to 62 percent of men, drink coffee every day.
  • Workers with higher earnings have a higher proportion of people who consume coffee. Coffee is consumed by 66 percent of people with an annual salary of more than $30,000, compared to 58 percent of workers with a yearly income of less than that.
  • Seventy-four percent of people in the United States ages 55 and upward consume at least one cup of coffee per day.
  • Coffee is made at home by 79 percent of Americans, Reuters reports. According to a National Coffee Association (NCA) survey, Americans prefer to drink coffee at home.
  • Gourmet coffee consumption involves 14.48% of millennials, says a Reuters report. According to US coffee intake data, 36% of this generation drinks cappuccinos, lattes, and similar beverages, while 22% prefer espresso.
  • There are approximately 24,000 coffee shops in the United States. This figure is likely to double in the next few years, given the sector’s development rate. Seattle, interestingly, has the most coffee shops per 100,000 persons in the United States.
  • The only two states allowed to make coffee commercially are Hawaii and California. Puerto Rico, on the other hand, is a US territory with a strong coffee industry.
  • A typical coffee cup weighs 9 ounces.
  • A coffee shop sells an average of 230 cups of coffee per day, says Coffee-Statistics.com.


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