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14 Of The Best Paid Jobs In 2022


Every growing country has experienced enormous growth in various areas over the last several decades. As a result, students and graduates who have completed their education seek the highest best-paying employment in their particular fields.

Getting work, however, is dependent on your interests and educational skills. However, we have compiled a list of some of the highest-paying jobs, and you may use it to see if any of them are available in your region.

  • Data scientist

A data scientist is someone who analyzes business using data. It is one of the highest-paying positions, with a starting compensation package of around $68,000/year and it can go up to $135,000/year based on experience. The average salary is:  $96,566/year (Source: https://www.upgrad.com/blog/data-scientist-salary-in-usa/)

  • Artificial intelligence engineer

An AI Engineer is the head of the company’s AI tool. An AI Engineer makes on average $ $77k – $165k/yr. A comprehensive understanding of programming languages, mathematics, and other technologies is required of an AI Engineer. (Source: https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Skill=Artificial_Intelligence_(AI)/Salary)

  • Doctors

In general, a medical professional’s typical income is determined by his or her expertise. Medical practitioners earn an average of $ 2,04,453 /yr (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-medical-doctor-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,17.htm) . The healthcare business has grown dramatically in recent years and is anticipated to grow. A resume is a vital tool since it provides you to highlight your best abilities and attributes. So, do not forget to make your resume!

  • Blockchain developer

From financial transactions to data security and administration, the new revolutionary blockchain sector is transforming everything. The use of blockchain technology reduces costs, and increases speed and reach. The average income of a blockchain engineer is $ 1,08,444 per year. (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-blockchain-developer-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,23.htm?clickSource=searchBtn)

  • Chartered Accountant

As chartered accountants manage the company’s finances, they play a crucial role in every area. The average pay of a Chartered Accountant is $ 75,443 per year (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-chartered-accountant-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,23.htm?clickSource=searchBtn) . If you are an experienced CA, show your resume to the recruiters, they will definitely take you as their priority!

  • Marketing manager

Marketing managers operate in a variety of divisions within the business, such as IT, Automotive, Finance, Retail, and so on. They are in charge of creating items that are in line with the company’s goals and the demands of its consumers. The average income of a marketing manager is $ 76,000 per year. (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-marketing-manager-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,20.htm?clickSource=searchBtn)

  • Full-stack developer

Full Stack Developers are in charge of the software websites and backend development. The average income of a full-stack developer is $ 87,384 per year (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-full-stack-developer-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,23.htm?clickSource=searchBtn)

. Full Stack Development is one of the top paid careers since it combines the work of web developers with the management of the company’s database system.

  • Commercial pilots

A pilot working by a top airline firm is not only paid well, but also receives additional advantages and remunerations such as bonuses, profit-sharing, and so on. A commercial pilot is not to be confused with military aviation pilots. Depending on the firm, the average CP’s compensation might range from $93,300 per year. (Source: https://atpflightschool.com/become-a-pilot/airline-career/commercial-pilot-salary.html


  • Business analyst

A business analyst is a professional who uses data analytics and changing business demands to bridge gaps between a business domain and its technology in order to achieve organizational sustainability and profitability. A business analyst’s typical income is $ 78,000 per year depending on the employer. (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-business-analyst-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,19.htm?clickSource=searchBtn)

  • Investment manager

The primary role of an investment manager is to protect their customers’ financial assets. They act as brokers and advisors for their customers, supporting them in investing in a potentially lucrative market at the right moment to maximize rewards. Entrants may expect to earn $92,263 per year. (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-investment-manager-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,21.htm?clickSource=searchBtn)

  • Judge

A judge is a legal practitioner with a variety of job options. They give juries instructions before they deliberate, and judges must decide the facts of the case and decide in trials. To become a judge, you’ll need a certain level of education and experience. The salary is $ 1,30,926 per year. (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-judge-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,8.htm?clickSource=searchBtn)

  • System analyst

IT specialists that specialize in the analysis, design and implementation of information systems or technologies are known as system analysts or business analysts. A package similar to that of a Data Scientist is given to system analysts. Employers use resumes to make recruiting choices, and they may also help you obtain your first interview. The salary is $ 78,000 per year. (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-system-analyst-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,17.htm?clickSource=searchBtn)

  • Consultant in Management

A management consultant is someone who helps businesses solve problems and flourish by providing advice. A management consultant’s typical income ranges from $75,072 – $82,077per year.(Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salary/IT-Consultant-Account-Manager-US-Salaries-EJI_IE709426.0,13_KO14,29_IL.30,32_IN1.htm)

  • IT systems architect

One of the highest-paid occupations is IT system architecture. Systems architects design, create, administer, and maintain networking and computer systems for commercial clients and organizations, allowing businesses to run smoothly. The average salary is $ 1,31,383 per year. (Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-it-systems-architect-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,23.htm?clickSource=searchBtn)



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