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14 Amazing Benefits of Kissing, According to Science (+11 Kissing Tips )


Most cultures of today recognize kissing as an acceptable behavior that can convey many ideas, feelings or messages.

Kissing is not relegated to only humans.

Animals and insects also participate in “kissing” activities, though some believe these actions to be smelling.

In ancient times, kissing was not always the intimate gesture that it often is now.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans would kiss each other on the mouth or the cheek depending on rank or social standings.

It was also used to make agreements or contracts binding.

In early Christianity, kissing was a sign of submission, respect, and religious piety.

Today, while most contracts do not require a kiss, a kiss can mean anything from a simple greeting to showing affection to displaying lust.

Regardless of why you do it, here are 14 amazing benefits of kissing, according to science.

1. Kissing Lowers Blood Pressure

In order for your body to get the nutrients and oxygen it needs, the heart must pump the blood through your veins and arteries.

The speed and amount of pressure that is placed on your arteries and veins is called blood pressure.

High blood pressure can have serious health consequences such as heart attack or stroke.

By keeping your blood pressure at a lower level, you can avoid these problems.

Kissing can help lower blood pressure in two ways: it makes the heart beat faster and constricts blood vessels.

Kissing can lower blood pressure by also helping your burn calories and reducing stress.

Take away: Kissing can help lower blood pressure in more ways than one.

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