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12 Incomparable Cities to Drop By in Australia

Australian cities are one of a kind with lots of glamour, fun and exciting activities. With a plethora of charming restaurants and bars, museums, markets, and open spaces, these cities offer tourists and locals vibrant and scenic views to explore. However, given the size of the country, it may not be possible to discover all the cities in one trip. That is why this guide gives you the ultimate towns that you should never miss on your visit to Australia.

  1. Melbourne

Melbourne has earned itself quite a reputation in the eyes of tourists, all thanks to the vintage shops, coffee culture, and backstreets covered with stunning graffiti. The city has plenty to offer to visitors from sports to art, and it is also found at the astounding beautiful coast of Victoria. Located in Melbourne are also fascinating wildlife and flourishing flora life.

Among the fun and exciting things to do in Melbourne include visiting the National art gallery of Victoria, exploring Queen Victoria Market for finger-licking food, and also visiting the Philip island to watch little penguins.

  1. Sydney

Sydney is, of course, one of the most bewildering cities in Australia. It is a sophisticated modern city encompassing lots of spectacular views and incredible itineraries. The city orchestrates fascinating beaches and the gorgeous Blue Mountains with phenomenal outdoors.

Visit Sydney and explore the Opera House, which is Sydney’s landmark. From here, you can discover the high-end restaurants available as you enjoy live performances at the scene. Also, make sure you tour the Harbour Bridge and capture breathtaking photos on this majestic bridge. Make sure you dine at Sydney’s restaurants as they have finger-licking drinks and food.

  1. Gold Coast

For the fun lovers, Gold Coast is your dream destination. The city is renowned for rollercoasters, thrilling night clubs, and surfing activities. Gold Coast is known to attract several tourists year in year out. The iconic coastline for Gold Coast extends for over 60 kilometers and, of course, houses some of the remarkable Australian beaches. The tropical rainforest and mangroves surround this beautiful city, thereby giving the town a lively theme and serenity. Visit the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary and explore native species found in specific parts of the world only such as kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles.

  1. Adelaide

Adelaide in Australia pays homage to several fantastic museums and mouth-watering local cuisines from the restaurants. The city is majorly known for its bohemian vibe and arty. It also hosts several cultural events during specified times of the year. Adelaide is the ultimate base for local vineyards exploration as it is sandwiched between the Mount Lofty Ranges and the coast. Visit the National Wine Center and learn more about Australian wine, and don’t forget to pass by Cleland Wildlife Park and discover the wallabies and koalas, which are a native species.

  1. Cairns

Cairns is technically the ideal city if you want to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Found to the north Queensland, this is one of the top tourist destinations in Australia. It is accessible to both locals and foreigners; wetlands and rainforests surround this astounding city.

Visit Cairns and hike the Atherton Tablelands, which offer you breathtaking views of the rainforests, creeks, beautiful mountainsides, and scenic waterfalls. For you to be able to tour almost 70% of these cities you will need to have a valid visa to stay in Australia for some time. You should comply with the visa requirements to be in the country legally. Yet some travelers will want to overstay their visa since they haven’t got enough of the country.

So what happens when you overstay the visa? One thing is that you have broken the law and this puts you in great jeopardy. You could be barred from ever visiting the country again and that could even affect other countries that Australian authorities share information with. You will also be deported if you overstay the visa and do not show intentions of leaving the country. You could always speak with the authorities if your visa is expiring soon. For more information on visa expiration on Australian soil check here.

  1. Brisbane

It is one of the ancient cities in Australia that pays homage to indigenous people who lived here for thousands of years. The town is built along the ever-glamorous Brisbane River and boasts of islands, stunning promenades, and beaches. Brisbane is considered by many as the playground for the water enthusiasts. If you love cycling, music, and outdoors, then Brisbane is eagerly waiting for you. There are lots of fascinating itineraries to enjoy in Brisbane, such as the Lone Pine, panoramic views offered by Mount Coot-tha, and also the Story Bridge to discover the dramatic views.

  1. Darwin

Darwin is considered the capital of Northern Australia, and it was home for aboriginal people for several years. It is a city where Indonesian influence has taken over, and that is manifested from the scrumptious street food and the craft shops available. Darwin is a city where tourists can catch a seaplane with much ease as catching a bus to town. Visit Darwin and discover the sensational Darwin museum, which boasts of a unique, extensive collection of aboriginal art. You could also hop to Mindil Beach and have a taste of Indonesian food.

  1. Alice Springs

It is the perfect base to explore the outback and the home to indigenous people for many years. Alice may seem far away, but the astounding museums, galleries, and elegant-looking restaurants make it a must-visit town in Australia. There is a bewildering Kangaroo sanctuary where orphaned and injured kangaroos are taken good care of in Alice Springs.

  1. Byron Bay

Byron is a renowned surf destination for the water lovers and also a prominent hangout place for tourists. The city boasts of breathtaking national parks and a beautiful coastline making it a top ten hub for tourists. Also referred to as a wellness destination, this city has the most eloquent spas and retreats, among other numerous ways to make you feel relaxed. Make sure you engage in surfboarding and capture stunning Instagram photos near the Captain Cook Lookout.

  1. Perth

Perth has a modern and friendly coastline that brings out the true colors of Mother Nature. The ambiance created by this majestic city is the reason many tourists and locals always want to visit this town. Visit the mind-blowing beaches found in Perth and also pay a visit to Kings Park to enjoy the vast green surrounding overlooking the river.

  1. Canberra

Canberra is sandwiched between Melbourne and Sydney, and it is known for upholding cultural values. In the magnificent city are elegant museums, monuments, and galleries. This is a town that has lots of outdoor activities to offer to visitors and locals such as bushland in the city and the vast central lake. Visit the impressive museums found in this haven of tranquility and acknowledge the beautiful artworks done by artists from Australia. Within the town are independent shops, coffee shops, and restaurants ready to offer you finger-licking cuisines.

  1. Hobart

It is Tasmania’s capital, a hub with plenty of historic buildings, modern restaurants, and trendy galleries. All these surround an astounding waterfront. The food culture in this city is ever-growing, and you should never miss a bite once you pay a visit to Hobart. This city is perfect for wildlife and nature lovers who would wish to get lost in the serene environments away from civilization.


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