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11 Amazing Water Remedies To Try At Home

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Water is the best thing for you when it comes to drinks. While you will benefit from some milk and coffee can have its benefits, plain water is good enough for the body inside and out. You will hydrate the layers of the skin and keep the organs working as they should.

Experts recommend that you drink eight glasses of water a day. This equates to about two liters, but this is only when normal temperatures are involved. If you’re regularly sitting in the 20s and higher (Celsius), then you will want to drink more water. Those who exercise regularly will also want to boost their water intake.

Sweating causes the body to lose water. What you need to replenish it.

Yes, you can drink too much water, but most people won’t get enough. Dehydration does more than just cause headaches. You can damage your health by not getting enough water.

But water’s boring right? It can taste bland. Well, it’s time to find ways to increase the amount that you drink. With the follow amazing water remedies, you’ll never feel the need to drink soda and juice again.

It’s not all about the taste of water to drink either. These remedies will also help to fight against illnesses and ailments.

Opt for Some Teas

While coffee offers some benefits, it is dehydrating. The same isn’t the case for some teas. In fact, tea is highly recommended by many doctors for various reasons.

You don’t just have to opt for black tea, which does have a larger amount of caffeine than other types. You could opt for green and herbal teas instead. All will have virtually no calories unless you add some milk to them.

Tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Some are better hot, but there are plenty that you can make and then put in the fridge for later. This is especially the case with normal black tea, chai tea, and green tea. Add some mint leaves or parsley to the mixture to create a refreshing drink in the summer.

Hot tea offers a range of benefits to the body, as well as rehydrating it. The warmth is calming and relaxing. You can get ginger tea to ease stomach upsets and garlic tea to fight off colds. Peppermint tea is an excellent option for just before meditation and reducing stress.

Want to completely get rid of the caffeine? You’ll want to opt for the herbal tea or rooibos tea. The latter is the red bush tea from Africa that can taste a little like black tea but without any of the caffeine.

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