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10 Signage Types to Enhance Your Brand Promotion


Your outdoor sign should be able to communicate to the public what your brand represents. Although it is mostly displayed outside the entire time, it still carries out the function of marketing your brand regardless of whether many people will spend time looking at it. A good outdoor sign is a necessity as well for people to easily recognize your business. This is an important element in your establishment because it should be able to grab attention and pique their interest in what you have to offer.

But, just like the other marketing styles, you will have to establish an effective strategy on the type of signage to build for your business. This calls for researching and understanding the different types of signage for you to decide what’s effective and cost-efficient for you

So, have a go on the list below and we hope that it will be able to move you forward with your signage project.

  1. 3D Metal Signs

Three-dimensional signages provide depth to the usual flat appearance of traditional signage. This enables interaction with the public due to its attention-grabbing appearance through unique shapes as well as colors. You can opt for a 3d custom metal business signage where it is entirely up to you on what size, shape, and colors to put. Likewise, you can add other elements such as LED lights to illuminate the back portion for added emphasis.

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  1. Backlit Signs

It does not matter whether it’s indoors and outdoors because either way, backlit signs are still able to attract people. It surely will leave a lasting and vibrant impression when your shop has installed one. What’s even better is that it lets you choose the color for the lights and how you want your signage to be lit. LED lights apply to almost every signage type and assure the visual impact you’re aiming for.

  1. Channel Lettering

Channel letter signs are a type of three-dimensional sign that uses individual letters that are installed each with lights. The only difference with the traditional backlit signs is how the lights are installed. Traditional LED signs only light up the shape of the board but not the letters. This is because it is better emphasized when the letters are already visible even just meters away. Therefore, it would be easier for potential customers to locate the building and not having the difficulty in searching for it which takes up more time and effort.

  1. Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are also called pole or freestanding signs are those displayed in a way similar to billboards in the city for everyone to see. These are signs mounted using poles and can also be designed using different shapes for visibility. Similar to other signage types, pylon signs can be illuminated using LED lights. The traditional pylon sign would have a single pole with a lightbox on top where the signage is installed.

The poles are manufactured using metal and are created with the highest quality metal poles that withstand natural calamities like earthquakes and storms to avoid casualties. Furthermore, it also assists in the pinpointing of establishments near it because the signage can serve as a landmark for those traveling constantly.

  1. Monument SIgns

Referred to as ground signs, monument signs are those interactive signs usually installed in front of the building. These are usually placed near the entrance, displaying the newer products, promos, or discounts and events happening on the day that is held in the establishment itself. These signs are mounted on the ground which is an advantage since you won’t have to worry about the location of your signage. It will not be going anywhere and can withstand any weather conditions because it is cemented on the ground and the letters can either be engraved or through a metal plate that is attached to the cement.

  1. Vinyl Letters

Another form of outdoor signage, vinyl banners make use of vinyl which is a self-adhesive plastic film used for stickers and are proven to withstand the harshest natural condition and to improve its longevity, it is available in different types. There are the glossy ones that are attached to traffic warning signs on roads that are visible during the night. If you are not fond of the reflective properties of glossy vinyl, there’s the matte version of it. They are similar in terms of longevity. There are also translucent and transparent versions which are types of vinyl that allow light to pass through.

  1. Banner Signs

Banner signs are also attention-grabbers and are relatively cheaper than other signage types. These are long and rectangular-shaped signs that are made using various materials. The most common ones are fabric banners where the details are printed on cloth and attached with a post or stand on the sides for it to stand by itself, ready to be displayed. With the help of technology, there have been improvements in the way banners are used to advertise products. Now, some machines rotate the signs, and these are now utilized by offices, malls, and companies.