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10 Good Reasons Why You May Want a Ham Radio at Home

Image by Lawrie Richardson from Pixabay

Are you deciding whether or not to have a Ham Radio at home?

Here are the Top 10 Good Reasons Why you should consider buying one today:

1. A reliable line of communication during disasters and emergencies

During disasters or natural calamities, Ham Radio can be one of the reliable means of communication. For instance, communities can lose network satellites, the Internet, landline, and even electricity during a typhoon. Thus, it can be detrimental to one’s life if there are no other ways to seek help.

Therefore, every home needs to have emergency radios, preferably for every family member. It can facilitate fast and easy communication with the help of the handheld ham radio.

2. Communicate over long distances without the help of the Internet or cell towers

Did you know that Ham Radios can reach long distances? Aside from the Internet, it can be one of the best means to communicate with people across the globe. You can create your community of ham radio users without utilizing cell phones or smartphones.

3. Forge friendship and connection

By connecting to other users, you can find friends to help you learn more about ham radios. Some of the amateur radio communities are already having fantastic radio events.

4. It can be considered a hobby

Aside from the technical function that Ham Radios could offer, it can also be considered a hobby or pastime. You can even learn how to use and understand the Morse Code. And, try radiosport to compete on-the-air for awards and enjoyment.

5. It is a fun skill to have

Others would share that this is a fun skill to learn. Also, you can explore and try new things with this radio. It may be probing through the combination of broadcast and Internet communication techniques or trying to talk with astronauts in International Space Station.

6. The amateur radio license has a lot of benefits

Having a radio license can be to your advantage. Through this, you can protect the people important to you and also others in the community. You can instantly be considered a member of CERT or the Community Emergency Response Team established by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) if you already have accomplished your license as an amateur radio operator.

7. You can transmit images using Slow Scan Television (SSTV)

Aside from morse codes, are you aware that you can also transmit images through Ham Radios? Images are sent using encoded tones. With the help of the International Space Stations and recommended software, you can have the chance to view images through your computer or smartphone. You can research more on the Internet and learn about the image transmission process.

8. It can help you stay updated on local news

By having a Ham Radio at your home, you will hear much fresh news within your community. It can be directly from the people within the vicinity of an accident, crime scene, or weather happenings. However, make sure that the information you release to the public is factual and reliable. If so, you can inform the people around you or warn them for their safety.

9. It is a budget-wise gadget for communication

Indeed, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to looking for ham radio for beginners. Some of the famous manufacturers are Baofeng, Yaesu, and Kenwood. Due to the surge of people wanting to buy cheaper ones, most manufacturers are trying to release models for under $30.

However, if you want long-lasting, high-powered, and durable ones, opt for more expensive radios, yet make sure they will not be painful for your pocket. There are high-quality models which you can avail for under $200 in online shops like Amazon and eBay.

10. The simpler, the better.

One might underestimate the purpose of these Ham Radios since they were made many years ago. In this world where innovation and technology are fast-paced, we often tend to forget the simpler things. But, when SHTF, this outdated paraphernalia can help save many lives, especially your family’s.