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10 Fun Facts About the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sports events in the world and is by far the most popular sports event in the U.S.A. People all around the U.S. will place their bets for Super Bowl Sundays’ biggest Super Bowl bets.

However, there is much yet that we do not know about the Super Bowl, and here are 10 of those things.

The Super Bowl only accepts Paper Tickets

Despite how most sporting events, and concerts today will allow you to use E-tickets, the Super Bowl doesn’t, they only issue and accept paper tickets. That could be something that is changing though and the NFL aims for 10,000 mobile entries which would make it an almost entirely electronic entry system, and we do not blame them after the last couple of years. Although, this would bring an end to the Super Bowl’s paper ticket hold out.

Super Bowl ads cost a lot!

Super Bowl commercials are amazing, and some of us can’t wait to see them, however, the reason they are so good is usually down to how expensive it is to get a slot. On average, a 30-second spot will run into the millions. There are actually two ads tied for the most expensive ever title; a 2020 Google Assistant spot and a 2020 Amazon Alexa, both of which cost $16.8 million!

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The coin flip

We all love the coin flip before the game starts, however, did you know that no ordinary coin or penny can be used? Each game will get its own unique coin crafted by the Highland Mint? The front of the coin features the Lombardi Trophy with the helmets of two teams playing.

Halftime performers rake in the big bucks.

The Super Bowl doesn’t actually pay its half-time performers. Artists like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez weren’t paid a single dime for their Super Bowl performances. However, although they do not get actual cash, the exposure of this show can be worth tens of millions of dollars, and half-time shows can actually score higher ratings than the game itself. So despite how they do not get paid to do the shows, do not feel too bad for them, they’re rolling in cash afterward.

Super Bowl tickets cost a lot, but they didn’t always.

If you have ever tried to book a ticket to the Super Bowl, you will know that the tickets are not cheap. On average in 2019 a ticket could cost you $4,650! And it is only rising higher.

However, tickets were not always so expensive. In 1967- the first actual Super Bowl, a ticket could cost you only $6, which was still apparently too pricey for many back then as there were 30,000 empty seats! Or, maybe it just hadn’t got the reputation yet? Yeah, it’s probably that.

Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd biggest day of food in the U.S.

Thanksgiving is a massive foodie day, but Super Bowl Sunday comes in close behind. When you can’t afford the thousand-dollar tickets, you attend a Super Bowl party, and these are places to gorge yourself on food. In 2020 the National chicken Council had anticipated a record-breaking 1,4 billion chicken wings to be eaten over Super Bowl weekend! That’s 7 billion chickens being eaten! Damn!

Some teams that have never won the Super Bowl

We like to think that everyone has their chance at victory, but apparently not. As there are 12 NFL teams that have never taken home the Lombardi Trophy. They are the Browns, Bills, Chargers, Bengals, Falcons, Cardinals, Jaguars, Panthers, Texans, Vikings, and Titans.

Of those 12 teams, four of them have never even made it to play at a Super Bowl game! These unlucky teams are the Browns, Jaguars, Lions, and Texans. You’ll make it, guys! One day!

Most quarterbacks in history come from the same 11 colleges

Although their teams may differ, a majority of Super Bowl quarterbacks share the same colleges. Back in 2017, Notre Dame, Michigan and Stanford were tied for the most alumni with Super Bowl appearances, each having had 7 Super Bowl alumni. Purdue came in second with six Super Bowl alumni.

The most successful quarterback in history is Tom Brady

Okay, we know this is not very surprising, but it has to be said. Tom Brady is the most successful quarterback in history, and we know he will go down in history for it. He was the quarterback for the New England Patriots for 20 years, and now he is playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The 43-year-old player has had the most Super Bowl appearances and wins of any quarterback in the history of the NFL. He had 10 appearances and 7 wins. He’s also been named the game’s MVP five times as well.

We look forward to seeing what the future brings, how long he will continue in the game, and if there will ever be someone to break his many records.

Two brothers competed against each other as coaches

Back in 2013, Super Bowl XLVII, brothers Jim and John Harbaugh, of the San Francisco 49ers, and the Baltimore Ravens made history as the first brothers to end up competing against one another as coaches of the teams.

The game ended up being nicknamed as the ‘Harbaugh Bowl’ and the ‘HarBowl’ because of the family’s prominent presence in the game.

The two said it was tough to play against one another, and it was a day that was full of both elation and deviation for them, in this game the Baltimore Ravens won, meaning that John beat his brother Him. The Ravens beat the 49ers 34-31, so it was a tight game, and one that will always be remembered for this usual family involvement, and we doubt the brothers will ever forget it either.

The HarBowl will go down in history!