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10 Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas That Don’t Require Remodeling


Let’s all just admit one thing up front: it’s hard to keep the kitchen organized. I mean, can anyone blame us? There are so many things that all have to fit somewhere in the same room! From food to dishes to cleaning supplies, if you’re running out of space in your kitchen, you’re not alone. But if you’ve resorted to shoving chip bags willy-nilly into the pantry and using your kitchen table as an overflow kitchen counter, don’t! There’s a better way. This blog post lists ten creative ways to organize your kitchen (and to keep it organized). The best part? None of these kitchen organization ideas require a big remodel, and all of them are fairly cheap. Keep reading to get your kitchen clean and organized once and for all.

Hang a shoe organizer in your pantry.

The idea here is simple, and it extends to every square inch of your kitchen, not just the pantry: utilize every spare bit of space. As you think about filling your pantry with food, don’t waste the space on the back of the door. Purchase an over-the-door shoe rack to hang on the pantry door. These shoe racks have clear plastic pockets that are perfect for holding foods such as granola bars or small chip bags (if you need a place to store your kids’ school snacks, try using a pocket for each day); even better, shoe racks don’t cost much, falling into a price range of $5-$30. But if you’re looking for something a little more permanent and you don’t mind spending money, add some custom-made shelves on the back of the door. Another place to utilize in a closet pantry is the strip of wall in-between the shelves and the door jamb. As you begin to organize your kitchen, think creatively about the areas you could use to store various items.

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