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95% Of Internet Users Have Used An Emoji. Over 10 Billion Emojis Are Sent Daily

July 17th recognizes World Emoji Day and many of the world’s symbolic icons for digital calendars. The day encourages us to use emojis to send unique messages.

  • Before the emoji, there were emoticons. Emoticons (emotion + icon) was developed as an expression of emotions in the cold hard texts that were devoid of them.
  • Emoji, a Japanese expression, roughly means “picture word” and was created by Shigetaka Kurita in 1990. While working for the Japanese telecom company NTT Docomo, Kurita would design these picture words as a feature on their pagers to make them more appealing to teens.
  • The word “Emoji” is derived from the Japanese words e (for picture) and moji (for character), apparently the seeming connection to the words emotion and emoticon are purely incidental!
  • The release of the first iPhone by Apple in 2007 had an emoji keyboard embedded into the phone to nab the Japanese market. While not intended for U.S. users to find, they did and quickly figured out how to use it.
  • Every year new emojis (both emoji and emojis are acceptable plural forms of the word) are developed. The emojipedia.org keeps track of all the emoji updates across all platforms and operating systems. Over 1800 emojis cover much more than just emotions.
  • Over 900M emojis are sent every day without text on Facebook Messengerr
  • More than 700M emojis are used in Facebook posts every day.
  • The biggest day for emoji usage on Messenger is New Year’s Eve
  • For 2020, 117 new emojis are to be introduced, including a toothbrush, bubble tea, Transgender flag, black cat and more.
  • In 2019, the total number of emojis is 3,019 official emojis.
  • ? The ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji remains a favorite on Twitter. In fact it’s the most popular emoji on the platform with over 2,000,000,000 (two billion) uses according to Emojitracker.
  • ? Only 7% of people use the peach emoji as a fruit.  The rest mostly use it as a butt or for other non-fruit uses.
  • The winners of the 2019 World Emoji Awards are as follows:
    • Most Popular New Emoji:  
      • ?1st Place: ?Smiling Face with Hearts
      • ?2nd Place: ?Pleading Face
      • ?3rd Place: ? Woozy Face
    • Most Anticipated New Emoji: Maté
  • 95% of Internet users have used an emoji. Over 10 billion emojis are sent daily.
  • Including emojis in a Tweet can increase engagement by 25.4%Adding emojis to a Facebook post can increase the number of post likes by 57% and the number of comments and shares by 33%.
  • And 56% of brands that put emojis in their email subject lines had a higher unique open rate. Emoji marketing in digital channels can create quite an impact!


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