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Yum! Caramel Apple Day

Caramel Apple Day
Caramel Apple Day

The autumn air is crisp, the smell of fallen leaves wafts on breezes that bring showers of their fellows from the trees they caress. On every home we find the strands of fake spider-webs, ghouls and goblins in the bushes, and the bounties of the last harvest displayed as sheaves of corn and grinning Jack’o’Lanterns.

Among these favorites is the rich blend of butter, cream, and sugar cooked into a thick caramel, with the green and red bounties of the orchards dipped in them. When they said that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, we’re not quite sure this is what they were talking about, but one things for certain. If an apple will take a loose tooth out of your mouth, one of these delicious treats will work better than a string and a doorknob.

For those of us with healthy teeth, Caramel Apple Day is probably one of the greatest days of the year.

History of Caramel Apple Day
Caramel Apple Day is one of a collection of Candy themed holidays sponsored by the National Confectioner’s Association. Caramel apples have a long and tasty history of being created from some of the seasons favorite treats. Granny Smith’s are by far the most popular apple used in these confections, the tart-tangy flavor playing an amazing counterpart to the sweetness of the caramel. The grainy-texture and sweeter flavors of other apples just don’t quite bring the flavor palette together.

How to Celebrate Caramel Apple Day
The simplest way to celebrate Caramel Apple Day is to enjoy a caramel apple! That’s always a great place to start, but there’s nothing quite like making your own caramel apples to really get into the spirit of the season.

Another great way to celebrate is to organize a party where everyone brings their favorite recipes to the event, sharing memories from times gone past. Caramel Apples are traditionally made with caramel, but the lax nature of the terminology also includes those wrapped in other sweet taffy’s. Once coated in the delicious coating, you can then roll the apples in one of any number of coatings, changing the overall experience and flavor of the apple.

Rich deep caramel rolled in kosher salt, or sprinkled with chocolate candy sprinkles, these are delicious no matter how you make them. So on Caramel Apple Day, let your creativity flow and come up with your own blend of “caramel” apple, maybe even dip them in caramel and then white chocolate! Delicious!

From FoodimentaryHere are today’s five things to know about the caramel apple:

Candy Apples were first introduced in Arabian cuisine. The reason was that fruit was candied to preserve it.


Americans have over the years turned that practice into gigantic apples covered everything from red candy and caramel to chocolate, peanuts, popcorn, and more chocolate.


Soldiers in World War I slanged them “toffee apples.”  Candy Apples are popular all over the world.


England celebrates Guy Fawkes Day with caramel apples on November 5.


Everything from a Kool-Aid flavor to a nail-polish shade has been named candy apple red.


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