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You Can Thank A Tired Greek Nestle Salesman For Introducing The Frappe To The World

National Frappe Day is observed annually on October 7.  This day honors a versatile drink with numerous variables, so there are flavors to suit everyone.  Frappes typically are blended drinks made with either coffee or espresso and topped with whipped cream.

A Frappe may also refer to:
  1. Frappe coffee – a blended coffee beverage
  2. A frozen fruit-flavored dessert made with shaved ice
  3. A milkshake
  4. Any blended frozen beverage, including a more savory drink made with clam juice
  • A hallmark of Greek coffee culture from the 1950s onwards, the humbly delicious frappe has earned a yearly celebration. The frappe is distinguished by being one of the few beverages improved by the use of instant coffee!
  • Frappe is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee.
  • The frappe was introduced to the world at the 1957 International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • The frappe was created by a tired Nestle sales representative, at the Thessaloniki Trade Fair, who was beset by caffeine cravings. He took some instant coffee, cold water, ice, milk, and shook his way to an internationally enjoyed drink.
  • There’s a surprising amount of science behind the frappe’s froth. Spray-dried instant coffee and its lower oil content are the key to creating long-lasting bubbles. Freeze-dried instant coffee won’t cut it. The next time you complain that you can’t get a good coffee anywhere in a country, you might just be right!
  • Recipes for coffee frappes can be found in the late 1890s.
  • Consumers have been customizing unique frappes since their inception, with popular and trendy recipes such as the Absinthe frappe, popular in New Orleans.
  • The frappe is loved internationally with regional variations like: Adzuki (red bean) Frap in Japan, Dulce de Leche Frap in Argentina and the Coffee Jelly Frap in the Philippines.
  • The word frappe first appeared in the 1848 edition of the American English Dictionary and is derived from the French word frappe meaning “to Chill.”
  • The frappe was first sold in retail in the U.S. by a small Boston-based chain, Coffee Connection, in the mid-1980s.
  • The frappe gained national popularity in 1995 when large retail chains started serving blended, frozen coffee beverages.


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