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Would You Eat a Hot Cheetos Turkey? Wait… What?

Hot Cheetos Turkey (ReynoldsKitchen)

Would you eat a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos–covered turkey? It’s an interesting question. I ask because on Friday, ABC-7 syndicated a recipe from Reynolds Kitchens (which is the recipe website of the Reynolds’ brand) for “Hot Turkey in an Oven Bag” (which is a turkey covered in a thick coating of ground up Flamin’ Hot Cheetos [or as they write, “hot puffed cheese sticks” and cooked in an oven bag). Here’s the recipe: Hot Cheetos Turkey

You must admit: It is an idea.

“Kick up the flavor for your next Thanksgiving turkey with these popular chip flavored turkeys,” says Reynolds Kitchens at the top of their recipe, obscuring whether they mean that the chip-flavored turkeys are popular or whether they mean that the chips themselves are popular. Very clever.

They offer two additional turkey chip recipes. The first calls for “ranch-flavored corn chips” and the second for “onion-flavored rings.” Mm, mmm.

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But would you eat it (the Cheetos one)?

I’ll tell you this — the Hot Cheetos Turkey comes at an opportune time for me. Just this past weekend I had an eye-opening experience regarding Hot Cheetos when I went to see Widows, which is a movie I recommend very highly. For my movie treat, I got the “Cheetos Popcorn,” which is popcorn covered in Cheetos dust with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos mixed in. It was absolutely incredible. Perhaps the best popcorn I have ever experienced. It caused me to say, during the popcorn-eating experience, that Cheetos topping should be included in more food items. And now here it is — exactly what I wished for: the Hot Cheetos Turkey.

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