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Worth Avenue Landlord Burt Handelsman, 88, Mum On MISTRESS!

Burt and Lovey Handelsman: 67 years of marriage going down the drain! (via Facebook)

The divorce saga of the summer in Palm Beach has kicked into high gear as of late as Worth Avenue’s biggest landlord, who’s 88 years old, refused to answer questions from his 87-year-old wife’s lawyers about an alleged mistress.

Ah, the mystery of love at the age of Viagra!

What’s more, Burt Handelsman admitted in the same deposition he is worth well over $500 million, which means that his socialite wife Lucille “Lovey” Handelsman, 87 and wheelchair bound, could end up getting upward of $250 million!

After all, the two of them have been married for 67 years and started out in a one-bedroom flat.

The case, however, has become so contentious and complicated — Burt Handelsman claims he owns prime retail properties from Key West to Boston — that the parties are considering hiring a retired judge to work only on the Handelsman case.

Neither Joel Weissman, Lovey’s attorney, nor the husband’s camp returned calls and emails for comment.

According to records, however, Burt Handelsman’s deposition this summer yielded no answer when Weissman asked the elderly man about the true nature of his relationship with Jane Rankin, a well-known Fort Lauderdale lawyer who represents Handelsman’s businesses.

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