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Why Soft Top Stand Up Paddleboards Are So Much Fun


Paddleboarding is a great way to have fun and get a great workout too.  You can rent them on vacation or you can bring your own.  Most people find that soft-top paddle boards are the best and they love how they can feel comfortable on them at all times.

Beginners Friendly SUP

These types of paddleboards can be used by beginners as well as experts at SUP.  Since they come in all types of styles, you will want to take a look at all of them before you decide on one.  You will also want to see the weight that you will be dealing with so that you can use it properly and transport it easily.


Soft-top SUPs are great for beginners because they might run into rocky shorelines or docks when they are just starting out.  If they happen to fall on the board for any reason, it will not hurt them in any way.

One Size Fits All SUP

These types of boards are great for people of all ages.  Here is some information about them:

What makes a Soft Top?

The top of the board in the front has spongy, soft material.  The rest of the board is strong and sturdy.  This results in a firm board, that can also take abuse.

Dog-Friendly SUP

These types of boards can be used with dogs and you and your pet will have a great time using them.  Your dog will be stable when they are on one of these boards and because there is a wider deck on these boards, your dog will be able to move around more easily.

Great For Kids

Younger people can learn to paddle easier with these boards.  Since they are soft, they will have fewer injuries, especially when they are just learning how to paddle.  If you happen to drop the board, it won’t get scratched or dinged up so it will last a long time.  Many people that have beach or lake houses love to have this type of board on hand.

SUP Yoga And Fishing

Yoga is something that you can do easily on this type of board.  You will feel comfortable as you do your various yoga poses.  With a stable platform, you can also fish quite easily.  You can get special soft-top boards that are made specifically for fishing.  You can get them with rod holders and bait trays, as well as other great ways to enjoy your fishing.  It is becoming more popular to fish from a board than from a kayak.  You can even use a soft top for paddleboard surfing.

Cons Of The Soft-Top

There is more padding on these boards than the epoxy-fiberglass ones so they will be heavier to carry.  They will also have fewer designs to pick from.

Always Be Safe

It’s important to be safe on the water.  You should be a stronger swimmer if you’re going to SUP.  If you wish to, you can wear a life jacket just in case you fall off the board and are scared of the rougher waters.

Making sure that you are also aware of your surroundings is very important, especially in the ocean.  Watch for rocks and other items that may be in the water and always pay attention if there are sharks or jellyfish so that you can get out of the water safely and easily without any harm.

Comparison Shop For The Best Prices

Prices are a bit lower for soft-top SUP compared to hardtops and inflatables.

Epoxy paddleboards run between $800  – $2000.  Inflatable paddle boards go for $700 – $1200.  The soft top paddle boards range in price from $600 – $800.

When you are looking for a board, comparison shopping is the best thing that you can do. Take advantage of any sales, discounts, or coupons that you can use to save even more money, especially in the offseason.


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