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Why Punta Mita Mexico Should Be Your Choice For A Luxury Honeymoon

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A honeymoon is a newlywed couple’s first chance to celebrate their wedding in privacy, which is one of the core reasons behind why it’s so important. The time away allows a couple to experience the initial joys of married life while planning for the future. Though the wedding itself demands a considerable amount of attention, this shouldn’t take away from the planning process for the honeymoon. Unfortunately, this has been the case for many couples.

This has also resulted in many couples picking many of the same places for their honeymoons. There are a few countries and cities that have started to become popular in the past few years, with Punta Mita, Mexico being a notable example.

This is because the city offers a significant amount of luxury on top of romance, with Punta Mita vacation rentals providing the level of high-quality service that a honeymoon deserves. There are a variety of other reasons why the area has become popular, with a few, in particular, standing out.

Unrivaled Beauty

Every newlywed couple deserves to honeymoon in an area that offers a significant amount of beauty and tranquility. This is exactly what Punta Mita provides from the moment you land, with the ocean surrounding the region on three sides and a variety of forests and indigenous wildlife to see.

Faith Based Events

The area was inspired by sanctuaries, which has made it quite a relaxing area. As a result, much of the natural landscape has remained somewhat untouched. This means that you’ll be able to take advantage of a large amount of natural beauty, ranging from the beachfront to rainforests, and almost everything in-between. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the resort town’s picturesque beauty?

Local Culture

The culture at Punta Mita can’t be matched anywhere else, with its sanctuary-like attitude only being surpassed by a dedication to service and luxury. This has also extended to the resort town’s locals, who have been known as a warm and friendly group.

Alongside this is the fact that people in the area regularly celebrate Mexican culture, which means that there can be a variety of celebrations to take advantage of. While much of this can depend on when you choose to visit, it can add quite a unique aspect to your honeymoon.  These include a masquerade ball, a golf cart parade, and even a family-friendly beach party if you’re bringing along any kids. 

There are also 20,000 Huichol people still living in the area, which brings a rich history and unique culture to the resort town. These are one of the few remaining pre-Columbian tribes still intact, which means that you’ll be able to take advantage of a unique twist that you mightn’t be able to find anywhere else.

This link to the past also brings a variety of artwork and beliefs, both of which paint Punta Mita as a gateway to paradise. Combined with the luxury that the hotels and resorts offer, you can take in this culture while relaxing in peace. 

Humpback Whales

While humpback whales mightn’t be the first thing that pops into your head for a honeymoon, it could form part of the romantic getaway. This is something that Punta Mita is well known for in the area, with all the boats that take people whale watching.

As a result, you’ll have a large number of options when it comes to what time of the day or week that you can see them. It also means that the day out can be much more affordable than you might think. Going to see the whales can be a thrilling experience for you and your partner, as few things rival the sense of awe you can feel when seeing them.

When you’re on the trip, it shouldn’t take you long to spot the massive animals. While much of this is because of their size, there’s also the fact that they often travel in large groups. With that, you should be able to see a significant number of them within a short span of time.

This could be affected by when you decide to have your honeymoon, however, as the humpback whales tend to migrate during certain times of the year. Between December and March will be a perfect time to visit, and should maximize your chances of seeing them.

There are a variety of boat sizes available to go out on the trip. While this might mean that you’ll have to share the boat with other people, there may be a chance that you could have a little bit more privacy.

Couples Activities

Whale watching isn’t the only activity that you’ll be able to take advantage of, as there are a variety of things to do that are geared specifically to couples and honeymooners. These range from the relaxing to the more physically intense, with each offering a significant amount of luxury.

You could have a short hike along many of Punta Mita’s trails and forest paths before getting back to the hotel and enjoying a romantic couples massage while overlooking the sea. Alongside these are romantic horseback rides and much more.

If you are a fan of marine life or the ocean in general, then there are a variety of other ways to enjoy this. There are a variety of marine-based activities that you and your partner will be able to take advantage of. Once you’re done, then you can get back to the hotel for a nice sauna and enjoy luxury while you relax for the evening.


Privacy and seclusion are things that will be important to many couples when they’re on their honeymoon. This is primarily driven by the desire to experience the joys of married life in the first few weeks after the wedding and bask in the sun while celebrating.

This is something that every couple will be able to take advantage of in Punta Mita, as the destination has been designed with this in mind. Regardless of where you stay while there, almost all of the amenities are focused on giving you as much seclusion as you want.

While your honeymoon isn’t a time to tighten your belt, it can be a relief to know that a luxury holiday is something that’s within reach for many of us.

With each of the above in mind, what’s stopping you from booking your dream honeymoon at one of the Punta Mita vacation rentals today? With the area’s growing popularity, you might need to be quick to ensure that you get dates you want.