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Why Personalized and Custom Body Products Are Best


What do most people do when they run out of their body wash, lotion, or deodorant? We put it on our shopping list and head off to the supermarket. Some of the more technologically astute readers may use an online platform to purchase their bath and body products.

But having said that not too much has changed in the way that we scent and clean our bodies. We are dictated to by the manufacturers and brands as to what ingredients are used in the product and what scent is available.

In recent times many of us have become aware of some of the dangers associated with the ingredients used in the products that we use on our bodies. This is important as our skin is the largest living organ of our bodies. Not only does it play an important role in our bodily functions, but it is also porous. Everything that we place on our skin will be absorbed and flow through our bloodstream (Dermal Absorption).

The importance of All-Natural

Anything that is absorbed into your bloodstream will impact every part of your body. Chemicals absorbed will flow through your heart, brain, and every other organ. It is for this reason that many people are now demanding safe, all-natural ingredients in the products that they use on their bodies. All-Natural ingredients are naturally obtained and found in the form that they are used. They are not chemically altered or created, making them safe and reliable.

If you have not already considered personalized products, perhaps it is time that you did. They are not overly priced for only the select few and offer so many more benefits than ever available to us.

Here are 3 benefits to using a personalized bath and body product:

You get custom products made just for you

Every one of us is unique and different. A custom body wash uses your individual circumstances and the body needs to create a recipe that offers the right moisture, minerals, and scent. Considerations in creating the ideal recipe for your custom body wash for example include:

  • Age and hormonal changes
  • Gender
  • Skin type and conditions
  • Lifestyle and activities
  • Environment and seasonal changes

There is no doubt that a personalized product will perform better than anything you could have used before. This is because everything else you have used before was mass-produced and not made just for you. If it did not work or caused skin irritation, you would just have to try another product.

You get the personalized scent

No longer do you have to use a scent that doesn’t meet your expectations. The brands found in the supermarket offer limited options. By creating a personalized scent, you can create one of a million scents from the many different options. You can mix and match or just have one particular scent that you love.

If you are creative, you could make your own, but who has the time? And if you consider the retail cost of the ingredients, it most probably will cost you a lot more too.

Never need to find another product

There is nothing worse than a manufacturer discontinuing a product that you loved or worked for you. The hunt to find a new product starts the process over. When you buy a personalized and custom product, the recipe is made just for you. The manufacturer only makes that product when you order it. They will continue to create that exact recipe every time that you order it, and it will never go out of production!