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Why Packaging Matters and How Businesses Can Improve Theirs


Running a successful business seems simple: create a good product, sell it, and earn an income. Unfortunately, as most business owners would know, there’s a lot more that goes into it than that. While the product is likely the part that customers will focus on the most, they will judge your business on other aspects as well, such as customer service, or packaging. Many business owners don’t understand why packaging matters – after all, won’t it just be discarded after use? Isn’t its only purpose to protect the product? If you’re wondering why packaging matters and how you can improve it, keep reading.

It offers protection

Packaging offers protection to the product inside. What type of product it is will determine what type of packaging it requires. Food products may require packaging that keeps them sealed and thus fresh for longer. Fragile products may need bubble wrap to keep them safe.

If you deliver products, packaging becomes even more important. No matter how careful the delivery man is, there’s always the possibility that the product could get damaged or broken during transit. That being said, it may be better to work through a courier company than your post office when it comes to deliveries. Have a look at courier prices in Florida to get an idea of whether this is something that your business can afford.

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It makes an impression

Your clients will already form an impression and opinion on your business before they even see their product, simply because of the packaging. Packaging is often the first thing a customer sees if they order a product online, so it’s important to make an effort. Sloppy packaging will make the client think you run a sloppy business. Customer satisfaction is important, so you need to make a good impression when it comes to the big things as well as the small things.

Make your packaging stand out

Now that we’ve established why packaging is important, let’s talk about how businesses can improve it. The best way to improve your packaging is to make it unique. This way, it’s more likely to make a lasting impression, and it will show customers that you value them enough to go the extra mile. Packaging needs to be eye-catching as well as smart, so sit down and have a good brainstorming session to determine what would work best for the product you are trying to sell. If you need inspiration, look at these creative packaging designs.

Kill two birds with one stone

As important as packaging is, there’s another thing that’s also important when it comes to businesses: marketing. So, why not market through your packaging? Add your logo and contact details to make it easier for customers to remember you.

You can also make reusable packaging, such as material bags so that every time a customer uses it, they think of your business. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be your sole marketing strategy – you should also use some of these small business marketing tips.