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Why Having Your Groceries Delivered is Worth the Time and Money


Having whatever you need to be delivered directly to you is simply convenient and this is why shopping for groceries online is attractive to many. Shopping for groceries online may not yet be as popular as shopping for apparel and furniture online, but the US is slowly picking it up.

In fact, online grocery shopping in the US is expected to be over a hundred billion industry by 2022. Online retailers are just really coming up with ways to have more people buy their goods online It’s as if convenience isn’t good enough as most online retailers have promos and discounts almost every day.

Now, even if more people are choosing to shop for groceries online, experts say that the growth of such businesses was pretty slow compared to the other sectors of e-commerce. The slow pace of his industry’s growth is mainly because of the issues that online consumers deal with when they decide to purchase groceries online. Some experience high delivery fees, spoiled produce, and even late delivery.

However, these are now areas that big and small online grocers are working on. The overall experience is what they’re looking to improve to make sure that people continuously shop for goods online.

What’s really beneficial about online grocery shopping, in general, is how easy it is to fill your cart with the things that you need. It’s also easy to look for the products you want to get. You no longer have to drive to the supermarket and walk around the place to get your supplies.

Shopping for groceries online can also help consumers lessen their impulsive buying tendencies. Buyers can always go through their carts easily before checking out. They have the chance to take the time to review the items they got and rethink whether those are actually necessary. This is where businesses like Mercato.com can step in. Mercato is an online platform where you can buy groceries and have them delivered the same day from many of the best specialty food markets and local grocers in the country.

Currently, it is partnered with over 750 stores. What’s great is that these shops run the spectrum from full service grocers who provide all of the regular staple and pantry items and prepared foods to the best local seafood, butcher, cheese and other specialty stores. This website also only lets you shop from grocers or places near you to ensure that only get what’s fresh. You can actually shop from its selection of almost 600,000 products.

It now services over 10,000 zip codes in more than 20 states and you can order from their partner shops that are up to 17 miles away from you.

Some of the shops that Mercato carries are The Lobster Place, Reading Terminal Market, The Original Farmer’s Market, The Cupcakery, and McKinnon’s Meat Market. Just from these names alone, you can already tell that they only have the best grocers or stores.

As this industry grows, the demands from online consumers will surely change. However, this is simply good for both small-time and big-time online retailers.