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Why Do Slot Machines Use Fruit Reel Symbols?


Slot machines are a pastime for us in Florida as in all of the United States. In these games, there are recurring graphic themes such as diamonds or fruit. Cherries, lemons, blueberries, and melons. No, we are not talking about a nursery rhyme, nor the ingredients of the perfect smoothie, but the most common symbols on the reels of some classic slot machines available on the market. The question arises here: why fruit symbols?

As far as we are concerned, we can easily define the fruit slot as the slot par excellence. The symbols of the first slot machines were inspired by the suits of French poker cards, a game that was particularly popular in the United States towards the end of the 19th century. Later, however, especially with the advent of prohibition and anti-gambling laws, slot machines were classified as illegal games because they paid out cash prizes.

To overcome this problem, slot games were turned into vending machines. At the beginning of the 20th century, the slots were in fact still operated by a side lever and operated with coins, but were modified so that they paid only with candies and fruit chewing gum. The taste of the gum or candy often matched the very symbols that were matched in the winning combination

Thanks to this trick, their success was immediate. Thus began the cult of the fruit machine, a term that today is still often and gladly used to describe the “traditional” slot machine.

Faith Based Events

We can also call them ‘Fruit slot’. We speak clearly of all those slots that, among their main symbols, involve the use of fruit. In real life, fruit is a healthy food on the kitchen table, in slots it is something that can make many fans happy and bring rich winnings.

Fruit slots have existed since the 1990s in bars around the world.

Why do players love Fruit slots?

Why do slot players especially love fruit on the screen? First, because fruit slots are very simple. Their operation is easily understood. There aren’t too many symbols or too many rules to keep in mind. Almost like it happens with ‘diamond’ themed slots.

Then it must be said that the fruit symbols are colorful and bring joy to everyone. These may be just minor details, though. The truth is that even among slot players there are many traditionalists who prefer to continue playing with something as simple and every day as fruit. Others are happy to leave fantasy settings or another modern devilry. Or maybe they only allow it from time to time

Fruit Case

Fruit slot machine fruit case: Remaining on the subject of cartoon-style fruit-themed slots we must mention Fruit Case, a game always characterized by a particular mechanic. In practice, the symbols fall on the screen, and when a winning combination is hit, they disappear to make room for other falling fruits: this means having mini free spins available that do not affect the bankroll after each win.

Fruit Spin

Fruit spin slot machine: We close the NetEnt triptych dedicated to fruit slot machines with Fruit Spin, an online slot full of fruits and diamonds, which allows you to access an interesting bonus mode when you hit at least 3 scatter symbols on the reels. After this combination, a mini-game with three wheels of fortune to spin will be activated, which will give access to more and more delicious prizes.

Ninja Fruits

Fruit slot machine ninja fruits: A quieter atmosphere that recalls Japan, for Ninja Fruits by Play’n Go, a slot with neat graphics that refers to some famous smartphone games where you have to chop the fruit that appears on the screen. It is worth noting the possibility of doubling your winnings with the classic game of red and black after each winning combination, by selecting the appropriate “gamble” button.


Fruitblaster fruit slot machine: let’s close the roundup of fruit-themed slots with fruit blast by Win studios, a game with essential graphics that focuses on the bonus modes that can be activated after each win. These mini-games will give the player the opportunity to choose a more conservative strategy, pocketing the amount after each winning combination, or to challenge their luck to multiply their winnings.

But that’s not all. The list of fruit-themed slot machines would be very long. If even these 5 slots alone have made your mouth water, many others can be found on several websites, looking for the best online slots available, to try and seize luck directly from the tree.

Strategies for winning at fruit slot machines

To play and win fruit-themed slots you need to know a minimum of how they work, however simple they are. It is useful to know how much the player’s cash return is, how jackpots, free spins, and everything in between works.

Identify the best slots with a high return and maybe with some nice promotions to take advantage of, if we talk about online casinos. Then give at least a quick read to the rules and guides of the various slots. Of course, it will all be intuitive and quick, but maybe there is a small detail that escapes you and that can make a difference.

Practice with play money, thanks to the demo and free play modes, before moving on to investing real money. And always play in moderation, without abusing the automatic feature. That said, we just have to wish you lots of fun and good luck at the slots.