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Why Athletes Are Using CBD


There are a number of misconceptions surrounding cannabidiol, or CBD to you and me. To begin with, the confusion surrounding CBD comes in the lack of awareness of the absence of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the high often depicted in popular culture. However, CBD does not contain THC, so it has no intoxicating effect on the individual.

However, the nature of the CBD industry means that you should always opt for a reputable CBD brand that provides independent lab reports confirming the exact ingredients of each product. A brand such as Cannacares provides reports with every purchase.

Managing Diet and Weight

Generally speaking, athletes are required to consume a high volume of calories when training in order to provide their bodies with enough energy to complete their work. It can obviously be a challenge to consume enough calories in order to perform at a high level.

This is where CBD can be of tremendous help to an athlete. It allows you to control your appetite, ensuring that you maintain your correct weight. It can also be of particular use to female athletes. CBD naturally curbs your appetite during periods, when your body is likely to crave any type of calories. You can then be more selective regarding food choices. When used regularly, CBD also means that you feel fuller for longer after eating. Ideal for those looking to lose weight.

CBD Aids Sleep

Sleep is absolutely crucial to the regime of any athlete. Our body repairs itself at a faster rate as we sleep. However, many athletes struggle with sleep due to the pressures and strains of competition. CBD helps with sleep in a number of ways – from reducing anxiety and stress, to provide a calming, soothing feeling upon usage.

CBD Aids Mental and Physical Recovery for Athletes

Switching between extreme physical and mental states can be very taxing on athletes, making it hard to relax and recover post-training. Even for seasoned athletes, that can be a real challenge. CBD undoubtedly aids the process by making it easier to relax after warming down post-workout. This allows athletes to essentially ‘switch off’ much easier.

Regarding physical recovery, CBD improves the performance of the body’s immune system. This minimizes the risk of feeling run-down and tired during intense bouts of activity.

Working Out

CBD works by interacting with the human body’s endocannabinoid system (ESC), which is an extensive network of lipids and receptors throughout the body, brain and immune system. CBD then works as a neuromodulator for the majority of these bodily processes, including appetite and responses to pain.

CBD is also proven to upkeep the top-level functioning of the immune system, improving both recovery and preparation for athletes.

There are myriad reasons why athletes decide to use CBD. We know how versatile the powerful cannabinoid is and the potential that it holds. There is no doubt that CBD has the potential to be the best friend of any athlete.