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Why Are Truck Accidents On The Rise?

Truck accidents are on the rise, according to Rosenfeld accident lawyers. It’s a fact we’d all rather not want to hear. To this end, we have summed up some important safety considerations, which might help explain some of the reasons behind the increasing number of truck accidents.

How bad is the problem? It’s much worse than you think it is. Let’s get stuck in and find out more.

The Numbers Are Growing

Truck accidents are on the rise, across the globe. However, in large continental areas, they are rising faster than most. Places like Australia, America, and mainland Europe are seeing more and more accidents every year. Some of the statistics are quite shocking.

In the US, there are around 500,000 trucking accidents a year. Of these, five thousand or more are fatal. Per hundred people in the USA, in fact, there are two deaths and more than 50 injuries[i] in road accidents annually – and all caused by trucks.

Why are Truck Accidents on the Rise?

Truck accidents in America are on the rise because of various factors. Poor judgment, overtiredness, a lack of a fully functioning vehicle, and even poor safety procedures can be blamed. To avoid accidents, death, or injury as a truck driver in the US, you need to take several steps to make sure you are not hurt.

Truck drivers are at risk from bad weather, vehicular failure, traffic and bad brakes. They are often victims of their fleet, or the greed of their companies, as they push harder and harder to get the job done.

Truck driving is tough, lonely, and doesn’t pay nearly enough. Stay vigilant or it might cost your health, too.

Safety Tips for Truckers

In light of all this, here are a few things you can do to increase your safety, on the road.

Truckers should:

  • Always check the vehicle before particularly long journeys to make sure it is roadworthy.
  • Get a service every six months to a year, depending on the age of your truck.
  • Ensure they are fully insured for every stage of their journey, for the vehicle they drive, and across states, should they need it.
  • Make sure that the mirrors on the vehicle all function, are clear, and demist easily.
  • Never drive for longer than eight hours at a time. After this time, pull over, have a nap, drink some coffee, and continue on in the morning. It’s not a race.
  • Don’t speed. A speed limit is a limit… not a target.

If you follow these safety tips for truckers, you should soon find that you have much better chances on the roads. With fatalities and injuries on the rise, it is vital that you don’t fall victim to the disasters that can happen on the road.