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This Whole Day Is Devoted To Tater Tots. Really!

Tater Tot Day
Tater Tot Day

My friends, are you ready for one of the best holidays created? It is Tater Tot Day! Yes, you heard me right – an entire day devoted to those yummy bites of potato goodness. I can barely contain my excitement! Don’t let my trainer know, but I intend to celebrate this one all day long! Think about it, potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? When was the last time you thought of that without feeling guilty? No guilt this time! Why? Because it is Tater Tot Day! You have a reason to cheat, a reason to splurge!

History of Tater Tot Day

This lovely day started its devotion to the Tater Tot in 2009. It began as a food writer’s attempt at filling out his copy quota. Once he put it into the cyberspace of Twitter it was an instant hit! When you think about those tiny rectangular bits of shredded potato does your stomach give a little dance of excitement? I know mine does! There are so many different ways to cook them that you could spend years in the kitchen trying them all out. The potato itself has been one of the main staples of food for about the last 400 years. Did you know that currently it is the world’s fourth largest crop? That is a lot of potatoes! I know the spud has been used to play hot potato for thousands of years but let’s just keep our minds focused on recent history. Baked, mashed, fried, boiled or shredded and made into yummy pancakes there really isn’t a wrong way to serve them.

But one of the most fun and happy is the tot… the tater tot. It is a friend to young and old alike. Plain with a dab of ketchup or served under a blanket of chili and cheese the options are without end. Take some time to look at the history of the tot and the recipes dedicated to it.

How to Celebrate Tater Tot Day
How shall we celebrate to tater tot? Let me count the ways! First things first, stock up on those perfect little tots. Then head into the kitchen with search engine in hand. Would you like your tot for breakfast, lunch or dinner? As the main star of the meal or a side player? This is really what you need to think about first so that you can plan. Did you know there is a new sensation flying back and forth over social media? It is called the Tater Tot Casserole! Yes, I know! It sounds as amazing as it really is. You can find a link to the recipe by putting that term into your handy dandy search engine. I will tell you now, once you try it you won’t be able to keep it off of your family meal plans! It is not expensive and it can feed a few or the multitudes of relatives that descend upon you during the holidays. So don’t stand there any longer, get cooking and enjoy Tater Tot Day!

From Foodimentary.com: 

Tater Tots literally mean “baby potatoes”; tatter for potato & tots “meaning little one.”


Americans consume over 70 million pounds or Tots per year.


Tater Tots were first invented in 1953 at the Ore-Ida Labs


Tater is slang for potato (origin: 1750–60; America; by Apheresis, tato, and substitution of -er for final -o, tater).


In Australia, tater tots are known as “potato gems.”