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Who are the Biggest Data Brokers in the US Right Now?

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Updated May 24, 2024

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(April 5, 2023) Data brokers make their money by collating, trading and selling large volumes of personal data. This data is a valuable resource for marketers, financial services firms and others, which means that the data broking sector is flourishing. Here is a look at some of the US’ largest data brokers.

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How big is the data broking sector?

Globally, the data broking sector was worth $232.6bn in 2019 and is forecast to rise to $345.2bn by 2026. The US has the largest share of the data broker market, even though several states are taking legislative steps which could slow the growth.

Some of the largest US data brokers

The following are some of the top data brokers operating in the US, across the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) segments. While it might be reasonable to think data brokers operate “under the radar”, there are some familiar corporate names on the list.

Acxiom (B2B): One of the largest global data brokers, Acxiom collects and sells anonymized data to industries including finance, retail and insurance.

Equifax (B2B): Equifax is among the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies (along with Experian and TransUnion), collecting data on individuals and businesses.

Oracle America (B2B): Also known as Oracle Data Cloud, the company has built a digital marketing platform that features one billion profiles across 30,000 categories.

Epsilon (B2B): A data solutions company, Epsilon has assembled a database consisting of information from millions of households which is used to predict consumer behavior.

Experian (B2B): Another of the three big consumer credit reporting agencies, Experian’s database contains information on around 800 million people, which is largely used for marketing purposes.

CoreLogic (B2B): CoreLogic collects, analyses, and sells information on consumers, for a variety of reasons, including screening prospective tenants.

BeenVerified (B2C): BeenVerified is a background-checking site, which allows consumers to buy criminal background and people search services.

TruePeopleSearch (B2C): TruePeopleSearch is one of the many look-up sites that collect contact information on individuals from public records and social media profiles.

WhitePages (B2C): Another big name on the list, WhitePages provides online directory services, fraud screening, background checks, and identity verification, and it has the largest database of US residents’ contact information.

MyLife (B2C): MyLife operates as an information brokerage firm, which uses sources including public records to build dedicated pages on individuals.

How can individuals protect their data privacy?

With so many data brokers operating in the US and globally, it is important that individuals remain alert to what information they share online and take steps to protect their data privacy.

Data brokers gather their information from a variety of sources, including scraping websites. So, measures to consider include removing personal information from the internet to prevent it from falling into the hands of data brokers, and making use of brokers’ opt-out processes to request they remove the data they already hold.

If you want to start cleaning up your digital footprint, Incogni has written hundreds of data broker opt-out guides to help you remove your personal information from data brokers.