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White Chocolate Contains Numerous Health Benefits – Lowering Cholesterol, Fights Breast Cancer and More

Satisfy your sweet tooth on National White Chocolate Day on September 22nd. Enjoy it with pretzels or drizzled on pastries. It’s a versatile confection with many ways to celebrate!

  • 1930 – Nestlé launched the first white chocolate bar in Europe. Known by the names Milkybar and Galak, Nestlé first produced the candy bar in 1930. Besides candy bars and fudge, white chocolate also comes in liqueurs, chips, ganache, truffles, and liquid forms.
  • 1945 – ​​In the U.S., Kuno Baedeker developed a white chocolate while working for the Merckens Chocolate Company, which still makes chocolate today (and incidentally, also markets other sweet treats like Black Chocolate Wafers).
  • 1948 – The Alpine White bar, a Nestlé product, is released. While the white chocolate itself was a novelty at this time, the real excitement of the Alpine White was that it included almonds in the chocolate.
  • 2004 – After 10 years of petitioning by chocolate manufacturers, the FDA finally agreed to expand its definition of “chocolate,” making white chocolate officially a part of the chocolate family.
  • The history of white chocolate is largely unclear, but the general consensus is that Nestlé was the first to develop white chocolate commercially in Switzerland. The story is that it was a way to use up excess milk powder that had been produced for World War I and was no longer in demand.”
  • White chocolate contains only trace amounts of caffeine that is present in cocoa solids.
  • White chocolate’s high fat content causes it to absorb other odors – so best to store it in a cool, dark place – the fridge. Otherwise, your white chocolate may taste like onions and stinky cheese.
  • Real white chocolate will be yellow – not white. That’s because cocoa butter is ivory-colored. If your white chocolate is actually white, it’s probably more confectionary than true white chocolate (almond bark, for example.)
  • The melting point of cocoa butter, its primary cacao bean component, is high enough to keep white chocolate solid at room temperature, yet low enough to allow white chocolate to melt in the mouth.
  • Regular consumption of white chocolate can help in lowering the bad cholesterol level in the body. It also helps in the absorption of vitamins from the food that we consume. In addition, it also protects you from coronary heart disease.
  • Eating disorders can affect your health badly. So, to prevent this health condition, try to eat a piece of white chocolate regularly.
  • According to research, white chocolate can reduce the risk of breast cancer because it contains a compound, polyphenols which act as an antioxidant and prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • White chocolate is made with milk which makes it a great source of calcium.
  • The flavonoids present in white chocolate are really helpful for your brain as they reorganize your memory formation.
  • Gout is a type of arthritis that causes inflammation in the joints and leads to joint pain. It is caused by the deposition of crystals of uric acid in a joint. White chocolates contain high antioxidants that have the ability to crack the uric acid molecules that accumulate in the joints.
  • No matter what bad mood you are in, white chocolate will make your day. If you have a bad day or if something is worrying you, just take a bite of a piece of white chocolate. It is because white chocolate can help produce feel-good hormones in the body.
  • There are about 540 calories in 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of white chocolate.
  • Hershey began mass production of white Kisses in the 1990s, a product that diversified during the early 21st century to include a chocolate white-dark swirl Kiss called the Hug
  • Chocolate has been around for a very long time, its consumption as a beverage reaching back to 1900 BCE by the Mesoamericans, and was considered sacred to Quetzocoatl.
  • So valuable was it during the Aztec empire that it was used as a form of currency, and was in fact the expected form of payment for the taxes levied on the people they ruled.
  • It wasn’t until Christopher Columbus visited the New World for the 4th time in 1502 that chocolate was brought back to the UK, and the rest is history.
  • The official definition of chocolate (in the U.S.) says it must include a certain percentage of cocoa solids (the source of dark chocolate color and aroma), which are not present in white chocolate.​


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