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Which Headphone Type Should you Choose?


If you want to enjoy listening to music, your favorite podcasts, or even an audiobook, wherever you are, one thing that you need is a pair of headphones. If you really want to be able to enjoy what you are listening to in a crisp and clear sound, without disturbing anyone else, you need to choose carefully so you invest in a great pair of headphones. With so many different types and styles out there, picking out the best of the best is a whole lot tougher.

On-Ear Headphones 

The first we want to highlight is the on-ear style of headphones, these are a lot lighter and smaller than other options like over-ear. Although they look a little similar, they stay in place thanks to the pressure placed on your ears, in the same way, earmuffs work. Although there closed and open variations of this type of headphone, they tend to allow more ambient noise through than over-ear models.

If you are on the market for a brand new pair, make sure to check new models and read online reviews where the latest comparison has revealed plenty of great options to consider.

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When it comes to striking a balance between being able to hear clearly through the speakers, without completely blocking out the outside world, on-ear is one of the best options. The major downside of this type is inherent to the design, as many people complain about the amount of pressure they place on your ears.

Over-Ear Headphones 

The one that you are probably most familiar with is actually the bigger of the three types we are looking at and that’s the over-ear headphones. These cups are so big that they completely surround your ear and remain in place thanks to a slight amount of pressure on your upper ear and temple. Over-ear headphones are available in closed and open back cups.

While the closed version of over-ear headphones keeps the music in and stop your music and audio being a disruption for others, open-back varieties allow for more sound to travel in and out.

Over-ear is the only type of headphone that provides a gap between the headphone speakers and your ears. In the best models, that space offers the same advantage a well-designed concert hall offers, in that it envelops you within natural sound while providing you with a sense of distance between the performance and you. The downside is that they are very big and bulky, and you have trouble hearing what’s happening around you.

In-Ear Headphones 

Okay, so these are the modern style you will be familiar with on portable devices and are often called earphones or earbuds. They are the lightest and smallest variety and they sit inside your ear canal. They are best suited to working out and for convenience and there are some good models with noise-canceling capabilities.

However, the wire that is included can tangle easily and they are often easier to lose. However, the biggest issue with these headphones is that although they sound better than you would imagine, it doesn’t actually mean they are better than the other two types of headphones.

So, the bottom line when choosing the right headphones is what you are looking for from them. If you need something portable and aren’t concerned about sound quality, in-ear is best, whereas if you are looking to wear them comfortably for a long time and also want to enjoy a reasonable quality of sound, over-ear or in-ear are always going to come out top, with the choice between the two is the setting and whether or not noise cancellation is important to you.

With the developments, we’ve seen recently and the improvements to the design and technology though, it is now easier to get a pair of headphones that suit your needs and preferences than it ever was before.