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Which Fragrance Type is Right for You?


Fragrance is one of the most essential steps in our grooming process. If you think about your skincare, haircare, and even deodorant, they’re all scented. And it’s not just about smelling great or being perceived as clean or even more attractive – perfumes and colognes have the ability to uplift our mood, boost our self-confidence and even help with physical health ailments like migraines. Whether you’re in the market for a new perfume or are looking for a gift of fragrance for someone else, there are things worth considering when shopping for perfume. Finding the right fragrance fit takes more than just enjoying the smell. Keep reading to learn more about the different perfume types and which is right for you.


Parfum is one of the five types of perfumes, and it is one of the highest fragrance oil concentrations. For this reason, parfums are typically the most expensive fragrance options on the market, so if you’re on a budget, this type is for someone else. Parfums can contain anywhere from 20 to 4-% fragrance oil concentration, which makes the scent heavier and, of course, stronger. These are a great choice when you’re looking for a fragrance with staying power, as their scent typically lingers for six to eight hours. Parfums are great for cold weather seasons, though they can be worn year-round if that’s your preference. 

Eau De Parfum 

The second category of fragrance types worth considering is Eau de parfum, and they are half as concentrated as parfum – around 10 to 15% fragrance oil concentration which means they contain more alcohol and water than a parfum formula.

However, Eau de parfum still carries a high scent component and is less overpowering than some parfums. Most traditional perfumes in beauty stores are eau de parfum and most likely what you’re already wearing. They’re a great choice for virtually anyone, and most contain traditional fragrance notes like floral, woodsy, musky, citrus, and ozonic. 

Eau De Fraiche 

If you’re looking for something affordable to incorporate into your beauty and grooming routine, Eau de fraiche is the most affordable of all the fragrance-type options. This is just fragranced water and contains a 2% fragrance oil concentration, meaning it is lightly scented, and you don’t get a long-lasting fragrance – which can make it a perfect option for someone who has frequent business meetings or lives with someone sensitive to fragrances. Eau de fraiche is also a great option for warm weather climates or to spritz after leaving the gym to freshen up.

Eau De Cologne

The Eau de cologne fragrance type is for people who prefer a soft variation of specific scents and is more widely seen in men’s fragrance options. Some female fragrances are sold under the type of Eau de cologne, though it’s less common. These days, there are no rules in the fashion and beauty industry, so the bottom line is – don’t let names or gender stereotypes hold you back from purchasing the fragrance that suits your personality or style. Eau de cologne scents tend to linger for about three hours, which makes them a poor fit for someone who doesn’t want to reapply often. 

Eau De Toilette

Eau de toilette is something you’re likely familiar with if you’ve shopped at a perfume counter a time or two, as they are very popular. With around a 10% fragrance oil concentration, they are an affordable option with a decently long-lasting scent – around five hours. Eau de toilettes are known for possessing a lighter body of fragrance than a parfum or eau de parfum and make a great perfume choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd but not in an overpowering way. 

Remember how long you want your fragrance to last, how strong you want the scent to be, and how much you can afford to spend when shopping for fragrances. While some brands are expensive based on designer recognition alone, the higher the quality and fragrance oil concentration, the more you will pay.

The best scents are the ones you can’t smell on yourself, meaning they work with your body’s natural chemistry, so keep that in mind in your search. Here’s to finding your perfect fit!