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Where are the SweetHearts?! (Video)


A classic Valentine’s Day staple will be pretty hard to come by this year, but don’t panic, we’re not facing a chocolate shortage. Still, you won’t be able to get your hands on those iconic Sweethearts conversation hearts. Buzz 60’s Nick Cardona has the details

SweetHearts have gone missing. They are the most popular brand of the most popular Valentine’s Day candy, and they’re not on shelves this year. As a result, conversation hearts’ reign as the top Valentine’s Day candy will end this year – with sales falling by an estimated 80%.

Conversation hearts candies are the little hearts with cute sayings on them: Be Mine, Marry Me. They are the most popular candy for Valentine’s Day season – which is estimated to generate over $1.8 Billion in candy sales.

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If the biggest brand vanished, would conversation hearts still be the most popular candy? Not even close.

Sweethearts were made by the New England Confectionery Company. Necco, for short. And despite the Great Necco Wafer Panic of 2018, the company was not able to be saved. Necco is dead, and so are SweetHearts for now.

There are competing brands, but SweetHearts is the original, most recognized and most favored. SweetHearts’ hold some level of sentimental value for most people in the US. Their nostalgia factor is strong.

Thus, when talking about conversation hearts, you’re pretty much talking about SweetHearts. With over 19 million pounds sold each year, we estimate that over 80% of the conversation hearts purchased are SweetHearts brand.

It’s not really possible to lose 80% and keep the throne.

So where does that leave overall conversation hearts sales this year. Down big time, we estimate.   

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