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Wheelchair Business: See Who Is at the Wheel

A wheelchair is one of the most popular walking aids used by disabled people or someone that can no longer walk due to illness.  A typical wheelchair consists of a seating surface (chair) and four wheels. The wheels are basically of two sizes; two large wheels located on the rear and two small wheels in the front.

The large wheels serve as support for the bulk of an individual’s weight and it helps to propel the wheelchair. The two small wheels are used to navigate movement.

Wheelchairs are divided into two categories based on the source or means of power. A Manual wheelchair is driven by the user or by an assistant, a manual wheelchair is usually used by someone that the strength to propel the wheels.

A motorized or power wheelchair is powered by a battery or an electric motor. There are various designs of wheelchair manufactured to suit different needs.

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It is very important that you have a good idea of the type of wheelchair that you want before you buy one. Wheelchairs are made of different types of materials and there are different weights and styles.

Top 5 Companies That Manufacture Motorized Wheelchairs

Regardless of your daily needs, budget and the level of comfort you desire, you will find the right wheelchair in one of these companies. These companies sell motorized wheelchairs with a warranty, they offer the best mobility services you can find anywhere.

Pride Mobility Production Corp

They provide a variety of wheelchairs with different features, functionalities and specifications.

Some of their products include:

  • Jazzy Elite ES Portable Power Wheelchairs;
  • Jazzy Select Elite Power Wheelchair;
  • Jazzy Passport Power Wheelchairs;
  • Jazzy Elite 14 Power Wheelchairs;
  • Jazzy Select Power Wheelchair.

Merits Health

Merit Health boasts of a wide range of durable, affordable and comfortable wheelchairs.  Below is a list of some of their wheelchairs:

  • Merits Health P-710 (MP3HD) Bariatric;
  • Merits Health P-310 (Regal);
  • Merits Health P-181 ( Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchair);
  • Merits Health P-3274 with Lift ( Vision Super).

Drive Medical

Drive medical allows monthly payment for any wheelchair you buy from them. There are some of their products:

  • Cobalt travel power wheelchair;
  • Titan AXs Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair Captain Seat;
  • Drive Medical Trident Power wheelchair.

Other companies that manufacture wheelchairs are: