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What You Need to Know About the Florida Contractor Continuing Education Classes


There are two types of licenses that a contractor can have in Florida:

  • Certified licenses

The holder of a certified license can work at any location in Florida as the license is valid throughout the state.

  • Registered licenses

A registered license is restricted within some local jurisdictions only. The holder of such a license can work only in those cities or counties in Florida from where he is issued a certificate of competency.

Every two years and before the renewal of their license, all contractors have to complete a 14-hour Florida Contractor Continuing Education Classes conducted by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). This is a state requirement for maintaining their licenses. 

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In Florida, the license for registered contractors should be renewed by 31st August of every odd-numbered year and for certified contractors, the license renewal is to be done by 31st August of even-numbered years.

Mandatory topics under the continuing education (CE) courses

Check the list of approved education providers and the courses on offer from the official website of the Florida State government. There are 14-hour courses designed specifically for contractors and they can be completed online.

  • One-hour lessons on the below topics:
  • Safety at the workplace

Lessons regarding safety at the job site are important and the contractors have to learn about new methods and updates related to the same.

  • Worker’s compensation

There would be know-how related to worker’s compensation and maintenance of safety during a project. 

  1. Business practice
  2. Advance building code

The building code was updated in 2020.

  • Rules and laws 

Under state regulations, you will learn about the Florida construction lien law. There would also be lessons on the regulation of contractors and their activities.

  • Wind mitigation

You get to know about wind mitigation and the regulation on efforts to mitigate wind.

There would also be lessons on construction techniques. It starts with masonry which talks about the layout of bricks, blocking and construction of brick and concrete walls, use of drywall, and the construction of the exterior shell of a building.

  • A balance of eight-hour general course on any of the above topics and which would be an elaboration of the topic.

For contractors working and having a license in Miami-Dade, the CE course is different and they have to complete a 16-hour package CE course.

As designed by the education providers, the 16-hour package CE course for contractors from Miami Dade consist of:

  • One-hour courses on
  1. Laws and rules related to Miami Dade Ordinance in chapter 10
  2. Advanced Building code of Florida, updated in 2020
  3. Worker’s compensation
  4. F.S. 713 Construction Lien Law related to Business Practices
  • 1.5 hours courses on 
  1. Regulations for contractors
  2. Regulations on wind mitigation
  • 2 hours courses on
  1. Photovoltaic systems
  2. Rainwater harvesting
  3. Construction of exterior shell
  • 3 hours course on Construction safety

Post completion of the Florida Contractor Continuing Education Classes, the provider would issue a certificate and share it with the state government. You should also save an online copy or take printouts for your records.