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What You Can do to Secure Your Home


You should feel safe and comfortable in your home, so keeping your home secure should be one of your top priorities. However, maintaining this need not be challenging. You can increase your home’s security and get the necessary peace of mind by taking the following actions. 

According to locksmithslocator.com, the next six steps will assist you in making your home more safe.

Keep All Valuables Out of Sight 

Keep your valuables hidden or locked away while not in use. Invest in a safe to store your most priceless belongings. When choosing a safe, look for ones that can be mounted to walls or floors and have powerful bolts. Another option is installing a secret under-floor safe that could be inserted in the space between the joists.

Gate and Fence Security 

Don’t let damaged gates or overgrown fences provide criminals with a quick entrance. A garden gate should be firmly constructed and raised to the same height as the surrounding walls or fences. Due to their open form, metal gates are more difficult to scale than solid wood counterparts and provide no cover for an intruder. Make sure that the bolt, padlock, and hinges on the garden side are tightly fastened. If possible, secure a gate with two distinct locks.

Verify the condition of the entire fence; if any of the panels are damaged, criminals may be able to view the area or perhaps enter. Try to find panels with a trellis built in, or consider securing them to the top of the wall or fence. Due to their robustness, these might be able to support a climbing plant but not an invasion. Any garden gates you may have should have their hinges, bolts, and padlocks inspected for security.

Install an alarm system

Houses with alarm systems see a stunning 300% fewer burglaries than homes without one. Even the window or yard sign promoting your home security system can dissuade many would-be home robbers. The alleged high expenses or demanding maintenance needs of an alarm system may deter some homeowners. However, there are actually a good amount of affordable options, and smartphone technology has made it simpler than ever to control your alarm system from a comfortable distance. If you’re unsure of where to start with an alarm system.

Motion Detection Lighting

The jury is still out on the amount of lighting that will actually deter burglars. After all, many break-ins occur during the day, when lighting isn’t really a concern. However, some studies have indicated that motion detectors deter burglars because of their abrupt start and propensity to alert neighbors to suspicious activity, particularly when those neighbors are aware that you are gone and wouldn’t be turning on the lights yourself. Because they are inexpensive and easy to install, we suggest having motion detector lights on the exterior of your home will add an extra layer of security.

Make it Seem Like Someone is at Home

Even when no one is actually home, there are a few simple methods to give the impression that someone is. One simple strategy is to leave a light on inside, however, this is done so frequently that most burglars won’t give it a second thought. Have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail, keep a radio or TV on, leave a car in the driveway, and utilize timed lighting (both indoor and outdoor) that comes on at different times to create the illusion that your home is occupied, especially while you’re gone for an extended amount of time.

Secure Garages and Sheds 

People frequently neglect their garages and sheds because they don’t actually live in them. However, a lot of people do keep expensive items in their garages and sheds, including furniture, lawnmowers, vehicles, and other items that are boxed up and kept in storage. Don’t assume that the only component of your property that could be burglarized is your home. Keep your shed and garage doors locked and add additional locks as necessary to protect your belongings.