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What to Wear on Safari in Tanzania


Planning a trip to Tanzania? The African country is a hot place so make sure you wear clothes that are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics. The clothes should be quick-drying just in case they are exposed to water, and you need them to dry fast enough to wear on the following day.

There may be rain while you are traveling in the safari Land Cruiser with the guide. Sometimes, you will be cruising in dusty or humid areas, and. if the clothes are quick-drying, you will feel less discomfort during the trip.

The fabric should be stretchable to a degree. If the clothes are too tight, you will feel hot. Loose clothes that are stretchable will feel cooler in the daytime. Hiking pants are the perfect pants to wear on a safari trip. You can purchase them before visiting Tanzania. Some hiking pants have zip-off legs that can transform into shorts easily. Khaki and camel color hiking pants will complete the look.

If you ask the safari guide, he will recommend you to wear a pair of travel shorts. Shorts have a casual look and they are more suited for a safari trip. Some tourists have complained about the heat when wearing long pants, especially during the dry season. If you don’t have travel shorts, you can wear workout shorts instead.

You may want to pack a windbreaker jacket.  You will feel chilly when the roof and windows of the safari vehicle wind down in the morning. You can also pack a rain jacket to keep yourself warm when the temperature drops at night.

Because of the prevailing religious norms in East Africa, women are advised not to wear revealing clothes that expose their thighs and torso. This means women should avoid sleeveless tops, shorts, and skirts cut above the knee. The most appropriate clothing for women is maxi dresses and loose-fitting trousers. You want to take extra precautions when you are visiting a religious site as they have strict rules.

You should avoid wearing multiple layers of clothes as it will cause you to sweat a lot. On the other hand, if you are going to explore places with altitudes, for example, the Ngorongoro Crater, you can wear a fleece jacket and gloves to keep yourself warm. Light-colored clothes are recommended for a safari trip although they can easily get dirty from the dust that flies around when the vehicle is traveling.

Blue and black clothes are not recommended as they are said to attract the Tsetse flies. The Tsetse flies are the flies that used to spread the Nagana disease to animals. They can also cause human beings to contract sleeping sickness. However, it is not something worrying since the disease is no longer that widespread in Africa as it used to be before the discovery of modern treatment and prevention techniques.

In Tanzania, it is illegal for tourists or any other people who do not serve in the Tanzania People’s Defence Force to wear camouflage or military-style clothing. So, you should think twice before wearing camouflage clothing for the safari trip.

Also, you may want to carry a backpack with you to store your items. Some of the items you can keep in the backpack include medications, flashlight, passport, mosquito repellent, raincoat, plane tickets, sunglasses, toiletries, and camera equipment. A safari hat can be purchased on your arrival at the souvenir store but it is not a necessary item.

Closed-in shoes are best for bushwalking trips and will protect your feet from cuts when you are doing bushwalking. It will also protect your feet from the bites and stings of animals. Wearing closed-in shoes for long hours can be uncomfortable so you might want to bring along a pair of sandals.

At the end of the day, you can change to your sandals to give your toes and heels some rooms to air out. Some people prefer to wear running shoes for the safari trip. Running shoes are suitable for safari trekking as they are waterproof and offer great traction. They are also more lightweight compared to hiking boots.