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What Sports Events Can You Bet On During The Pandemic?


Since the pandemic struck in early 2020, governments worldwide have implemented measures to curb the spread. Top among these measures include restricting peoples’ movements from place to place and even ordering curfews.

Therefore, more people find themselves at home with nothing to do. Sports betting is a unique way to pass time and also make money. Further, if you are looking for a safe website that provides invaluable tips and insights on various sports events, visit betting.net. You will also find top betting websites with the best odds and bonuses.

They include:

  1. Boxing

In recent years, bets placed on boxing matches have been rising. Big-time fights that feature Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Connor McGregor, and many others have been highly watched by fans all over the world. Further, in recent times bets worth $100 million have been placed on boxing matches alone, and this number is expected to grow going forward.

Boxing is a sweet game with a rewarding outcome if the bet pans out.

  1. Horse Racing tournaments

The Grand National is a horse racing tournament in Great Britain. It is attended by members of the Royal Family and is also known as the world’s hardest horse race. Further, this particular tournament attracts 600 million viewers in over 120 countries.

In other countries, horse racing matches are also a big deal. For instance, the USA has the Kentucky Derby, which draws just as much attention as the Grand National in Britain. Therefore, horse race betting can be a great option if you are looking to place a bet.

  1. Rugby World Cup

Rugby is a great sport that is extensively watched across the world. The Rugby World Cup is a sports event that ranks highly among the most-watched sports in the world. In 2019, this event was held in Japan and had well over 850 million viewers spread across many countries.

However, to place a successful bet on this sport, you must understand the technicalities involved and have a good eye for analysis.

Rugby is a great sports betting event that attracts millions of gamblers and sports fans. Therefore, placing a bet on this sport might be a fantastic way of making some money during this pandemic.

  1. NBA finals

Undoubtedly, basketball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. More people are learning how to play, and even more, are placing bets on basketball matches in the NBA league.

The NBA finals are one of the most bet on championship series globally. It is estimated that over 20 million people watch each game leading to the finals, which means a lot of money is spent on placing bets.

As a tip, you should only place bets with legit websites that offer instant payouts and have good odds.

  1. The World Cup

The Men’s World Cup comes around after every four years. It is a series of soccer matches that especially unite the world. In 2018, 3.5 million viewers were tuned in from across the world to watch the 64 matches.

Additionally, according to statistics brought forth by FIFA, $136 million was spent on 63 matches of the world cup in bets. Further, $7.2 million was spent by gamblers placing bets during the final game.

The women’s world cup is not so popular, but it is slowly gaining traction across the world.

As the world cup comes back again in 2022, be sure to place your bet then.

  1. Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup also makes it on the list of sports events to bet on. It is a highly viewed event that attracts an audience of 1.6 billion viewers from across the world. It is most common In India and some states of the USA.

Other countries like England are also picking up on this game, and bets being placed on Cricket are also growing substantially.

Remember: betting can be addictive. Be sure to handle your finances properly and bet responsibly.